Bahrain Graduates Start Supercar Internships

Four recent graduates from the American University of Bahrain (AUB) have begun one-year internships at McLaren Automotive’s headquarters in Woking, England.

The newly-created internship programme will see the Bahraini interns rotate through placements in different departments of the world-renowned supercar company.

Zain Alawadhi, Zainab Taher, Fares Alqutami and Imran Nasir were welcomed to the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) by CEO Michael Leiters and Chief People and Transformation Officer Jim Marsh.

The interns, who were chosen on the basis of their outstanding academic track records and future potential, will be working alongside McLaren Automotive’s engineers, designers and commercial professionals and gain a unique insight into the workings of a global automotive company.

McLaren Automotive has previously welcomed students from across the world to visit and learn from its 3,000-strong workforce. In remembrance of Bruce McLaren’s own journey from his home of New Zealand to England, the company set up an engineering scholarship programme in 2016, allowing students from New Zealand’s University of Auckland to come and experience first-hand what goes into creating a McLaren road car. 

“We welcome Zain, Zainab, Fares, and Imran to McLaren Automotive as part of our partnership with the American University of Bahrain,” said Marsh.

“Just as our founder, Bruce McLaren, travelled to England to try his hand at professional racing more than 60 years ago, we encourage young people from across the globe to follow in his adventurous footsteps. I look forward to seeing the contribution our new interns can make and the fresh ideas they will bring.”

AUB President Dr Bradley J. Cook said the university was grateful to McLaren for the partnership which gave graduates the chance to engage in an international work environment.

“This internship programme aligns perfectly with our shared goal of developing the capabilities of Bahraini national talents and enhancing their competitiveness,” he said.

“We are grateful for this partnership, which provides promising opportunities for our graduates to thrive and explore international opportunities and engage in a global work environment. We wish them success and prosperity in the programme.”

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