We all love Baharat restaurant’s award-winning BBQ night and seafood night. That’s why Baharat came up with the idea of bringing their BBQ box as well as their seafood box to your doorstep. FACT checks it out…

BBQ ribs and Wagyu prime steak? Or shellfish, sushi, sashimi and crustaceans? We can’t decide. So, we’re ordering both boxes. Both boxes are out of the world delicious when at Baharat and both are award-winning. What’s different today is that this is not your typical food delivery service. Instead of receiving the “ready to enjoy” version, we are experiencing the “ready to grill” version of these dishes. Our BBQ package comes with the restaurant’s readyto-grill signature BBQ short ribs, lamb chops, Stockyard beef ribeye, Stockyard beef striploin and chicken kebab, accompanied by creamy mushroom sauce, natural gravy, Bernaise sauce, pomerry mustard, and even charcoal for the grill.

Starters, such as Baharat’s legendary hummus with Arabic bread, grilled asparagus with parmesan cheese, and potato salad with bacon and mayonnaise are also included, to give the meat some good company. Juicy, chargrilled mushrooms and baked macaroni béchamel that is loaded to the hilt with velvety cheese are also on the palate, and it’s safe to say that even if this is the “at home” version of our BBQ night at Baharat, we enjoy the same delicious experience. The results are as tasty as at the restaurant, the BBQ at home is a definite success to be repeated.

Our seafood package? At least AS GOOD. The package comes with signature seafood Spanish paella, mixed mussels, fresh crab and delicious a Hamour fillet accompanied with lemon butter sauce and curry and coconut sauce. As for the sides, the shrimp kunafa with sweet chilli sauce was a highlight for sure, but believe it or not, the mutable with tahina is the dish that managed to make us forget the main course (for a while at least). How can an eggplant dip be that flavoursome, although the ingredients are so simple? We have no idea, but we love it. For our sweet tooth, we finally indulge in a soft pistachio cake that makes for the perfect ending.

If you are also a big fan of Baharat restaurant’s popular BBQ night or seafood night, don’t hesitate to try the two packages in the comfort of your home! And If you’ve never tried the restaurant’s award-winning BBQ or seafood night, well, what are you waiting for? Savour the very best of BBQ for only BD 48 per package (Good for 4 persons), or if you crave seafood, relish the seafood package also for only BD56 (Good for 4 persons) ✤