Ali Isa
Sales Manager, Behbehani Brothers W.L.L.

You have been in automotive sales for almost a decade now. What sparked your interest to pursue a career in this field and what are the things that most inspire you working in this sector?
I started my career in the automotive industry in late 2014 and from the first starting point I fell in love with it. I began as a sales consultant and I have always had this passion for cars throughout the journey. Back in 2021, I became the assistant sales manager and, at the beginning of this year I was given a bigger challenge to lead the Italian brands (Fiat & Alfa Romeo) in Bahrain. I think what inspires me most in this field is the opportunity to meet different people; being part of their choice in their preferred vehicles and experiencing the way they feel during and throughout the sales process.

Congratulations on your promotion! Are there any major developments that you plan on bringing about in this new role – in the company or in general?
Thanks. My main goal is to promote these brands and successfully reintroduce these iconic Italian vehicles into the local market again. I would love to see these Italian-made cars being used and running around on the Kingdom’s roads. In addition, I am working hand-in-hand with all the stakeholders related to the brand to make sure my plan of diffusing these vehicles onto the roads will work and these cars will be loved by the people and their new owners.

In terms of the car industry, what surprises can we expect in this region, specifically Bahrain, in 2023?
To be honest it is difficult to provide predictions in the automotive field, however, I think the slow introduction of electric cars might commence and this can lead to the beginning of a transition period which can, in one way or another, cause fluctuation in the automotive market.