Set your alarm clock to get in on a fitness initiative that’s also raising much-needed charity funds.

Runners from across the island are invited to take part in a weekly Sunrise Charity Run. But, as the name implies, you’ll need to be an early bird as participants set off at 6am!

Balance Studios, in collaboration with Shaikh Salman bin Khalid Al Khalifa, has started this charity initiative to raise money for a cause. Everyone who participates is asked to donate a minimum of BD1, with all proceeds going to the Bahrain Cancer Society to help those battling cancer and to aid in furthering necessary research.

Especially during these difficult times, when so many of us are closeted indoors at our desks throughout the day, it’s important to stay healthy and fit and also have fun. So why not contribute to a bigger cause in a healthy, socially distanced and safe way? The run is every Friday from 6am to 7am, starting from Balance Studio in Amwaj, located across from Choueifat school. It covers 5km and the route varies to keep it interesting, with different pit stops if needed. ✤


Running not only burns calories but also significantly cuts your risk of heart disease by helping to lower blood pressure and affecting other metabolic functions.

Running strengthens both bones and joints. High-impact exercise, such as running, is recognised for helping to increase bone growth and density, thus offering bone protection as we age.

Running has been shown to relieve stress. And this benefit is not only short-term, recent studies have shown that running can actually help reduce the effects of chronic stress.

Running gets you out into the fresh air and allows time for yourself. It’s a form of exercise that demands a certain level of breathlessness, so no gabbing on the phone or checking emails; attaining rhythm also requires concentration, so work and family worries have to take second place, just for a while.