Blissful Beautification at Dessange

Dessange always provides an exquisite pamper session and this time FACT’s Pallavi Ramesh was in for a real treat! After her massage and makeover, she tells all about her relaxing experience at the island-famous spa.

Hands down, Dessange has been my go-to place for beauty fixes and relaxation therapy. Both staff and environment provide a very warm and welcoming ambience. Their affordable and fantastic spa and salon menu leave every woman spoilt for choice.

Badia, the Spa Manager escorts me to the Salon where I meet the incredible Olga; she is the heart of the Dessange Salon and someone who can enhance any woman’s natural beauty with a range of treatments. Olga had big plans for me, claiming, “it’s a makeover for you” as I sat down. I couldn’t wait to see her magic get to work!

Olga suggested a chic new haircut as well as some highlights, something I had always wanted but had never pursued as I hadn’t been brave enough to take the plunge. However, I trusted Olga and her vision and so I let her get to work, eager to see the finished product.

This two-hour session began with a hair wash to get rid of the excess oil in the hair. After trimming the length a little, I was given a smooth layered cut, which added the bounce and volume back into the hair. We selected a honey brown shade from the L’Oreal DIA Richesse shade card, which is a Demi-Permanent, ammonia free colour. The technique used is the Californian Balayage – which means the look will have lighter ends and darker roots for a very natural finish.

Thirty minutes after the colour application, the hair is rinsed and washed once again. We recommend you take advantage of the express treatment after the hair wash as it smooths hair and increases the durability of the hair colour. When I look at my reflection, I cannot help but love the finished product! It’s refreshing and adds the glam-injection that I needed. Olga and her team are masters of their craft, so make sure to book in with them and let them give you the transformation you deserve.

After my makeover, I headed for a massage. This is a massage I have been wanting to try for a long time; the Silhoutte Massage with Sculpting Balm. Starting with a body scrub, it then goes onto a rigorous body massage that firms the skin.

This signature 90 minute massage is a combination of draining-encouraging movements that smooth the skin texture and refines your figure. It’s a unique procedure that increases your metabolism and aids the function of your digestion, making you feel revitalised in both body and mind.


GO: Our experience at Dessange included a Haircut, Highlights and a Massage. Call 1771 3992 to book an appointment.