Book On Crafts Launched

New York-based publishing house Assouline has launched a book called Bahrain Crafts in collaboration with the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (BACA).

The English-language book tells the story of traditional Bahraini crafts in four main chapters: crafts related to the sea; crafts practiced on land; ornamental crafts and crafts for ceremonies and celebrations.

The book contains a collection of historical photos and newly-taken pictures, creating a distinctive blend that tells the story of the crafts from the past and present.

Bahrain Crafts is the result of a collaboration between Shaikha Mariam bint Hisham Al Khalifa, a cultural researcher specialising in traditional fashion and textiles with ten years of experience in studying and collecting objects, and French photographer Harald Gottschalk, who has extensive experience with more than 60 solo and group exhibitions through his career.

The release of the book sheds light on the importance of preserving cultural heritage and highlights efforts to revive traditional crafts in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The creation of this collaborative environment brings together craft, art, and design, contributing to opportunities for creativity and development.

His Excellency Shaikh Khalifa bin Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, President of BACA, emphasised that the publication of Bahrain Crafts underscores the growing interest in preserving the kingdom’s cultural heritage and traditional crafts, which are an essential part of national identity and intangible cultural heritage.

“There is a certain beauty that can be found in all handmade objects, as they serve as a testament to a people’s culture and history as experienced today,” he added.

His Excellency said that through BACA’s cooperation in publishing the book, the inherent beauty in each craft is intended to be highlighted as well as conveying the stories of the artisans who have contributed to preserving these traditions.

He pointed out that the collaboration with Assouline enhances these efforts to bring the message of Bahraini culture to the world and also extended his gratitude to everyone who contributed to the valuable project, singling out Assouline and the book’s author and photographer for particular praise.

Bahrain Crafts is available at the gift shops of the Bahrain National Museum and the Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum, as well as at the Made in Bahrain shops at Al Jasra Crafts Centre and Bab Al Bahrain, in addition to the official Assouline website.

Assouline Publishing was founded in 1994 in France with the aim of creating a new and contemporary style in the creation of cultural books, utilising attractive visual elements and rich narratives.

Since its inception, the publishing house has published approximately 1,700 works, in addition to producing many special editions.

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