Indulge your love for exquisite grills, freshly prepared and served al fresco at Baharat inside Le Méridien, Bahrain City Centre. FACT’s Jayne Green takes a trip to carnivore land for the evening…


This particular dining experience will leave you questioning what day of the week it is as Baharat elevates a Wednesday BBQ buffet to the standards of a Friday brunch, brimming with a choice of char grilled delights, sides and delicate desserts. Baharat is aptly named as it is not only the generic word meaning ‘spice’ in Arabic but it is also a sumptuous blend of ingredients which adds depth, warmth and a unique peppery heat to a variety of cuisines from Egypt to Greece. This fusion of top class ingredients and flavours is exactly what Baharat represents and delivers with understated elegance amidst colourful glass lanterns and glistening fairy lights.

Upon arrival we were warmly welcomed by the restaurant supervisor John who then delivered us into the safe hands of Sous Chef Anish for an informative and mouth-watering tour of the stations both inside and out. The  majority of the expertly crafted baked goods and desserts were housed inside the restaurant. A selection of simmering soups provided a fabulous amuse bouche. For those craving something lighter and crisper the salad bar was generous enough to be considered a meal in itself.

Close by was a sumptuous dessert fountain with cascading waves of glossy chocolate accompanied by cold morsels, either healthy or naughty depending upon the preference of the diners. Delicious, delicately crafted pastries in every colour of the spectrum, ranging from perfectly geometric mousse topped tarts to glass-like glazed bombes and unctuous cheesecakes were presented alongside decadent fruit platters . As Chef Anish led us outside I was heartened to see that we would not necessarily be saving the best until last. The platters of side dishes were varied in order to provide the perfect accompaniment to the freshly prepared, grilled meats. Chefs prepare the delicately spiced and seasoned dishes in the open kitchen and sear everything to perfection on the open grills. The on site tandoor oven bakes up a storm, infusing it’s produce with a smoky authenticity which can not be replicated.

Asking which of the BBQ staples stood out for us is a little like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. If pushed, then the juicy tenderloin steak and the BBQ ribs in a show stopping sauce were complimented by the sweet potato and marshmallow mash which is best described as a ‘guilty pleasure’ and are a must ! A particular highlight for my companion was situated on the terrace where a converted car had been employed as a grilling station! Truly delightful. The restaurant was named as Citi Fact ‘Best International Cuisine’ 2017 which should offer would be diners an insight into the standard of food on offer. The Deux Sons provide musical accompaniment to the BBQ buffet which is offered every Wednesday from 7pm onwards.