FACT joined the global audience at auto maker Chery’s recent international event in China to witness new technologies and learn more about the brand’s future plans.

More than 500 international media representatives as well as selected loyal Chery customers from more than 40 countries and regions across the globe attended the 2023 Chery International User Summit which was held in China.

The five-day summit, which kicked off on October 15, took place at various locations in Wuhu, China, and was held under the theme of ‘New Journey, New Life’.

Founded in 1997, Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. (Chery) has, over the years, expanded to become one of the leading and largest automobile manufacturers in China and has also been steadily seeing growth across different global markets. The company exports products to more than 80 countries and has a global user base exceeding 12 million.

Chery organised the grand event as a show of appreciation to customers and to also share the major efforts and progress made by the brand over recent years and, more importantly, to showcase their ambitious and forward-thinking plans for the future.

On the first day, more than 1,000 visitors were welcomed at the Chery Global Users’ Ecological Conference which highlighted the brand’s ongoing philosophy based around ‘Green, Technology, Family, and Companionship’. These distinct elements are at the foundation of the latest efforts by the brand aimed at bringing higher efficiency to users’ everyday lives and work, and play a crucial part in Chery’s growing ecosystem which is set to see the company expand to include products beyond purely automotives.

During the opening ceremony, Zhu Shaodong, Deputy General Manager of Chery International Company, said: “Chery has always taken ‘Green, Technology, Family, Companionship’ as the core of brand development, guiding the brand’s direction and also representing its vision for a new way of life. In the current context where automobiles are closely linked with life, Chery has consistently regarded green and low-carbon as a crucial strategic direction, with a focus on low-carbon principles.

“We begin with a people-oriented design philosophy and extend it to our eco-friendly manufacturing plants and prioritise lowcarbon and energy-efficient practices. Furthermore, we present green mobility solutions to our customers, aiming to create an ecological system and integrate ‘automotive ecology’ into the new way of life.”

The event showcased all of Chery and its sister brands’ latest models from saloons to SUVs and more. Visitors were allowed to get into the vehicles and first-hand inspect and admire all the premium features and fittings. Also organised at the conference was the Premium Fair Area which showcased trendy products such as beauty refrigerators, high-speed hair dryers, Rokid AR glasses, a robot dog and pet-related products. Additionally, other smart items such as the electric skateboard M2 Pro, an intelligent air purifier, intelligent lawnmower, car refrigerator and smart robot vacuum cleaner were also included.

On the second day, guests attended the Chery Tech Day at the company’s Longshan Test Center in Wuhu. The event was held under the theme ‘Technology Within Reach’, and showcased Chery’s focus on core technological areas, its ongoing strategic development in technology, the diverse paths taken and its latest achievements. In attendance were various levels of government officials, as well as more than 600 experts from universities, both domestic and overseas, alongside media representatives and international users.

The Tech Day featured technical show areas including hybrid technology, electric vehicle technology and others, that offered a comprehensive display of Chery’s intelligent blueprint for the future of transportation.

During the event, Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chery Holdings Group Co. Ltd., said: “We aspire to establish a robust and flourishing innovative ecosystem, characterised by a sturdy core. We aim to achieve a reputation for excellence that speaks for itself, creating a resounding impact with our endeavours.”

Over the past four years, Chery has achieved a compound growth rate of up to 91%. The brand’s recognition has increased by 300% and net recommendation rate has surpassed 60%, it was revealed at the event.

In response to this, Zhang Shengshan, Assistant General Manager of Chery and Executive Vice President of Chery International, said: “In recent years, overseas market users’ perception of Chery has shifted from economic and reliable to technological and stylish. Chery’s continuous innovation in technology will continue to empower and accelerate our development, helping to shape Chery’s brand image as a leader in technology [and] green innovation.”

On another day, attendees took part in the ‘Public Benefit Signing with UNICEF and Riding Activity’. A five-kilometre bike ride which accompanied the signing ceremony for a new two-year, USD6 million partnership between Chery and UNICEF in support of education programmes around the world. The cycling activity was aimed at inspiring and motivating others to adopt a new trend of green living, working together to co-operate for a more beautiful and healthier global environment.

Moreover, the summit saw visitors participate in several other exciting activities such as Chery factory tours, media interviews, test drives in the latest models and related surveys, as well as user cooperation meetings and business banquets. ✤