Our favourite flame-grilled PERI – PERI chicken restaurant has opened brand new branch at the Mall of Qatar . At the same time, Nando’s has introduced its revamped PERi – Ometer with an exquisite new flavour. FACT went to check it out…

The new Nando’s venue to open in the Mall of Qatar is the restaurant chain’s eighth branch in Doha. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the love and demand for tasty chicken hasn’t died out (and isn’t going to anytime soon) in Doha. After stepping into the new Nando’s, we were further convinced about why this chicken franchise has gained the reputation is has – and why it continues to grow; IT’S THE FOOD. Firstly, we’re impressed by this venue in particular. Its décor is noticeably different from other Nando’s restaurants in Qatar. It features 35 art pieces from South Africa, on display as part of the Nando’s Art Initiative.

This is a programme designed to showcase South African talent across the world and tells us just how proud and passionate Nando’s is about its South African roots. Currently, over 17,000 art pieces are being showcased in 24 countries worldwide with the Nando’s Art Initiative nurturing Southern African talent, with developmental programmes that enable more than 320 artists to pursue full time artistic careers. Ok, so now we’re even more in love with this place. With our hearts warm from learning about this cool initiative, it was time to make our bellies happy too! We decided to go for some unusual dishes – not the ones that you’d automatically gravitate towards when sitting down to eat at Nando’s, but ones that you definitely shouldn’t rule out!  Out came the Veg Espetada from the very innovative Veggie Peri-Dise menu. Made up of tender grilled paneer, mushroom, broccoli and bell peppers with your choice of PERi-PERi, served on a skewer – this dish is veggie magic. Eat it with rice or fries (or both) and get ready to surprise your taste buds with a main course that speaks just as loudly in flavour than any of the chicken menu items. The vegetables are juicy and taste even better with the Nando’s signature PERi-PERi sauces.

Following this tantalising plate was the Quinoa Salad – the first thing we notice is the generous portion size – it’s PERFECT for sharing! With sweet potato and avocado chunks, piccolo tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad leaves and a good sprinkling of feta cheese, sesame and roasted seeds, all we had to do is drizzle some medium PERi-PERi sauce on top and voila – you’ve got yourself a delicious and healthy main. For those of you who can’t resist, you have the option to add chicken to this salad – it’s a win-win situation! Next came Something Exotic – grilled paneer and fresh watermelon with PERi-PERi of your choice, served on a skewer. This was a surprisingly excellent dish because the mix of sweetness from the watermelon combined with the salty, smoky halloumi cheese, we finished it off with real gusto. Again, ideal for sharing as an appetiser or eating for one as a main – the choice is yours!

The Mango and Lime flavour is the latest addition to the PERi-Ometer. Made for those who want a kick of vibrant taste but prefer it without the chilli heat. If you’re like us, then you go for the hot EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! Nando’s we saulte you for all your flavoury goodness; here’s to another lunch well-served (and many more to come). Chicken-Ometer score = 10 out of 10!

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