Recently launched and currently operating as a delivery-only restaurant, Chubby Chao is at present the island’s best kept secret, bringing the ultimate Chinese goodness straight to your door.

Ultimately, enjoying good Chinese cuisine is all about getting creative with the world of different flavours – luckily enough, Chubby Chao has been able to bring together the fun side of the cuisine and incorporate it into a well-composed menu that is definitely addictive once consumed.

Offering a variety of different Chinese delicacies and specialities, we were treated to our very first chopsticks delivery experience inside the FACT headquarters – and trust us when we say that each of us had a dish that romantically spoke to our soul (and stomach).

Dipping our chopsticks into each and every dish that arrived, there were quite a few that stood out, and will definitely be getting added to our cart each time we’re craving some feelgood Chinese. Steamed and stuffed with marinated prawns and bamboo shoots, then wrapped in bright pink beetroot skin, the Prawn Har Gao was one of those pleasant surprises that you have no clue what to expect, but it will definitely have you coming back for more.

Fresh out of the wok, both the hand-pulled noodles and rice dishes, graciously cooked with vegetables and then doused in soya sauce, were absolute stars! Even though you can never go wrong with these dishes, Chubby Chao definitely took them to the next level and showed us everything that could go RIGHT with them. MAGNIFICENT.

One particular dish that made a seriously good impression merely from the scent of it – cooked with yellow bell peppers, peas, and a creamy peppery Mongolian sauce, the Mongolian Beef came not only in a satisfactory portion for one, but we were also (well, we tried) able to share it amongst the rest of us at the dining table. And each of us were able to enjoy thoroughly.

An honorary mention has to be given to the traditional Cantonese-style roasted Peking duck, that was well packaged to be consumed in the comfort of wherever you desire. It was cooked the right way giving it that tender and moist feel, with the accompanying Momo pancakes made thin, fluffy yet perfect for the meal.

Available for delivery through the website, make sure you check out their page on Instagram for a sneak peek of all the fun you’re missing. ✤