‘Coffee With GM’ Empowers Local Talents

An initiative from Tamer Farouk, General Manager of Hilton Bahrain, is helping hotel staffers realise their potential.

A keen advocate of human resource development, Tamer Farouk was always committed to trying to nurture local talents. So, he started a unique initiative called ‘Coffee With GM’.

This unique programme involves engaging in one-on-one conversations over coffee with each member of his staff and providing a platform for open dialogue.

The Initiative

The initiative is a testament to Tamer’s belief in the power of personal connections and individual growth. Recognising that meaningful conversations and understanding are vital elements for fostering talent, Tamer initiated the programme to ensure every team member feels valued and heard. Through one-on-one sessions, Tamer creates an environment where employees can express their thoughts, share their aspirations and discuss their professional growth.

Tamer’s genuine interest in his team members’ aspirations and potential is exemplified through the story of Sajid Ebrahim Abbasan Albalgha, a Bahraini bellman whose life was transformed through the GM’s intervention.

Transforming Lives

Sajid was passionately focused on trying to develop himself within the organisation and, recognising his potential, Tamer took immediate action to support his aspirations and arranged a full scholarship for him to pursue higher education at one of the country’s prestigious universities.

This support not only provided Sajid with an opportunity to gain a formal degree and enhance his knowledge and skills but also highlighted Tamer’s sincere dedication to empowering local talents. By investing in Sajid’s education, Tamer enabled him to unlock his potential, broaden his horizons and contribute more significantly to his personal and professional growth.

The Impact

Tamer’s commitment to nurturing local talents through ‘Coffee With GM’ has had a very positive impact on both team members and the organisation as a whole. By engaging in one-on-one conversations and actively listening to his team, Tamer fosters a culture of trust, collaboration and personal growth. The initiative provides a platform for team members to express their aspirations, share their challenges and receive guidance from a leader who genuinely cares.

Through his support and dedication, local talents have been given the opportunity to transform their lives. By offering scholarships, mentorship and guidance, Tamer empowers individuals to realise their full potential and contribute significantly to the organisation’s success. This approach also instils a sense of loyalty and commitment among team members, fostering a positive working environment and enhancing overall employee satisfaction.

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