Enjoy the taste of an artfully crafted cup of coffee this Ramadan with four signature decaf capsules by Nespresso.

The Holy Month is upon us and, with it, a time when water, coffee and dates are traditional to break your fast. Indulge without losing sleep with this selection of decaffeinated pods for a flavourful sleep-easy cup.

During Ramadan, the best time for a cup of coffee is after your Iftar meal and during Suhoor. Baristas know that a perfect cup gives you the necessary pick-me-up to stay alert after an Iftar meal. And for those who enjoy a late-night cup during their Suhoor, a decaf coffee is the perfect fix. The absence of caffeine will allow you to enjoy the taste of your usual cup without any caffeine to keep you awake.

Decaffeinato – Intense

This Vertuo coffee blends delicious Arabicas from Colombia and Costa Rica. It’s a round, smooth and malted coffee, but it’s also a Nespresso decaf, with a rich taste that comes without caffeine. Try this Nespresso decaf pod as a coffee with milk which will bring out notes of fresh nuts in the black coffee.

Half Caffeinato – Balanced

Why settle for half caffeine coffee with half the taste? Half Caffeinato has a smooth, velvety texture and a sweet biscuit note. This Vertuo coffee capsule blends decaffeinated and caffeinated Arabica coffees from Brazil and Ethiopia. After decaffeination of half the coffee, a light and quick roast of a Brazilian Arabica gives this Vertuo pod a roundness and a sweetness. The Ethiopian coffee blend with delicate aromatics adds finesse.

Decaffeinato Ontuoso – Intense

Decaffeinato Ontuoso is one smooth move. It’s a light-bodied Vertuo decaf that’s also rounded and creamy. The malted cereal note in this South American Arabica coffee blend is ready to charm you. Pour some milk through the crema in this decaffeinato coffee and a caramelised – almost honey-like – note emerges.

Decaffeinato Intenso – Intense

There’s all sorts of hidden powers that fire through Decaffeinato Intenso. Colombian and Brazilian Arabica coffees give this Vertuo decaf powerful cocoa and fruity notes. The full body and dense crema belong to the fine Asian Robusta. Add some milk to give your Vertuo decaf coffee a sweet taste and a creamy texture. ✤