Community Initiatives Mark Hotel Anniversary

Hilton Bahrain is celebrating the 105th anniversary of the global hotel chain by initiating several programmes designed to leave a lasting positive impact on the Bahraini community.

The pledges for the Bahraini community are in line with Hilton’s enduring mission of spreading the light and warmth of hospitality.

“For over a century, the Hilton brand has been dedicated to creating meaningful connections and enriching the communities we serve,” said Hilton Bahrain General Manager Tamer Farouk.

“As we mark this important 105-year milestone, we, at Hilton Bahrain, are honoured to give back to the people of Bahrain through initiatives that align with our core values of hospitality, diversity and sustainability.”

He added that Hilton Bahrain’s anniversary promises are rooted in the company’s unwavering commitment to being a force for good.

“These pledges reflect our steadfast dedication to upholding the light and warmth of Hilton hospitality by supporting the causes and issues that matter most to the people of Bahrain,” he explained.

“By partnering with local organisations and mobilising our workforce, we aim to create a lasting positive impact that extends beyond the walls of our hotel and truly embodies the spirit of Hilton’s mission.”

The hotel’s pledges include: aiding the career development of 105 Bahraini youth through mentorship and skills training programmes; feeding 105 rescued animals in partnership with Bahrain Animal Rescue Centre; supporting 105 people with special needs; completing 105 community volunteer hours across the workforce and planting 105 trees to promote environmental sustainability

“Investing in the development of our local youth is a key priority for Hilton Bahrain,” said Ryan Dayaday, Director of Learning, Development and Human Resources. “Through our career mentorship and skills training programmes, we aim to empower the next generation of hospitality leaders and contribute to the growth of Bahrain’s workforce – all while instilling them with the warmth, compassion and dedication to service that are the hallmarks of Hilton hospitality.”

Ryan explained that nurturing young talent is essential to ensuring Hilton’s enduring legacy of hospitality.

“By equipping Bahraini youth with the skills, knowledge and values to thrive in the hospitality industry, we are not only investing in their future, but also ensuring that the warmth and light of Hilton’s hospitality continues to shine brightly for generations to come,” he said.

Hilton Bahrain invites the community to join in its 105th anniversary celebrations and support these impactful initiatives.

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