Resigned to boiling hot showers until October? It doesn’t have to be that way with this eco-friendly water cooler from Silent Power.

As the temperatures rise to the full, blistering heat of a Bahraini summer, we all know that, from about May onwards, the prospect of a cool shower is but a distant memory unless you perform your ablutions well before the sun comes up or sometime around midnight!

In search of a solution, and a somewhat less laborious option than adding ice to the, otherwise scalding, bath, we discovered a water cooler that not only does the job but also saves you money by using power provided by a solar panel mounted on the water tank.

The SP-250 from Silent Power is a new Bahrainconceived and made innovation that cools the water in your tank to a comfortable 28-30 degrees and, because it’s solar powered, it saves on electricity compared to any similar device.

Silent Power founder, Bahraini Mohammed Abdellaal, told FACT: “I started researching solar power back in 2013 and we created this here in Bahrain. It’s one-of-a-kind in the world working on this type of technology.

“We officially launched in 2018 and business is booming. To be honest, I was surprised at how well things went in the first year and it gave us good confidence in our product. We are also now selling well in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and are negotiating to bring the SP-250 to Kuwait and Oman. I’m also in the process of taking a patent for it, so we can expand further in the future.”

With temperatures this year already hitting some of the highest ever recorded, it’s no surprise that Mohammed’s products are, figuratively, flying off the shelves. And, it has been pointed out, with hygiene now more important than ever, who can resist the allure of a cool shower in the middle of the day? All without damaging the planet with electrically powered batteries or pumps. Sounds like a win-win to us. ✤