Food is not just a bunch of ingredients put together; food captures the soul of a land in its flavours and textures, its culture and the character of its people. With food, you travel the world from your dining chair. Fly with FACT’s Layal El-Mahmoud as she discovers authentic Mexican dishes at the vibrant Cantina Kahlo.

The dining space is snug dominated by classy green and humble furnishings. A charming marriage of classic and modern with black and white tile, rustic metal chandeliers lit with candlelike light bulbs, and a wall seeded with brilliant artwork at the centre of which is, of course, the portrait of famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Before we even step foot inside, the cheerful music is already flirting with my ears. I love the atmosphere here; it is addictive. The energetic restaurant manager welcomes us and escorts us to our table. The glass panels on two sides tempt you to step out to the beautiful terrace surrounded by water ponds and lush green. If only I could stand August’s heat!

A glass of water followed by a strawberry mojito and a frozen mango margarita are the perfect beginning to any meal. We start with a Mexican menu staple, creamy guacamole – the texture and flavour perfect with just the right amount of heat – served with tortilla chips.

Ceviche is a must as well! My partner is already in love with Aguachile De Pulpo, or octopus ceviche, and I have to agree! It is so tender and super tasty with a hint of chilli and smoky cumin; a dish worth trying for sure. If you’re not so confident about the octopus, try the tuna or shrimp versions, they’re equally delicious. Meanwhile, the Mariachi band makes cheerful entertainment. I keep dancing in my chair. If you have a request, don’t hesitate to ask, they will happily meet your wishes.

Next, the two main courses are brilliant for sharing as they come in three slider-size portions. The first is Gorditas De Chorizo, salty chorizo meat in a tortilla shell topped with avocado, masa cheese, and sour cream. Great! The second is rich and flavourful pulled beef on toast, topped with masa, sour cream, and tomato salsa. Perfect for meat lovers.

At this point, we are full, more than satisfied and ready for dessert. But the chef has a pleasant surprise for us. An option that is not included on the menu but believe me, Chef, it should be! Literally meaning sauce, Mole is a famous traditional dish made with chillis, tomatoes, sweet fruits, bread, nuts and seeds to thicken, and broth. We tried it with chicken, but Mole is a meal on its own. A creamy dark sauce packed with flavours, a brilliant mix of sweet and salty and spicy. Wow!

For dessert, we do not need a menu. Churros are an absolute must with the best Dulce De Leche sauce. I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat fried dough coated with cinnamon sugar and dipped in a heavenly sweet sauce!? And of course, the traditional Tres Leches cake. The cake is prepared beyond perfection with tangy flakes of mango and strawberry meringue and mango ice cream. Cantina Kahlo in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain, ladies and gentlemen, is not just a restaurant. It is a wholesome culinary and cultural experience. Book your table now and enjoy an evening of pure pleasure. We did and I highly recommend it. ✤



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