The perfect place to relax and indulge, the Royal Golf Club Bahrain’s stunning pastures and delectable gastronomy offerings have always been a favourite for its loyal crowd. The centerpiece of Riffa views, the majestic property is a haunt for recreational as well as food enthusiasts alike. FACT’s Aanchal Duggal went to meet up with Candice Hall, the property’s new Food an  Beverage Manager to learn more about what makes the cuisine here a complete hit…

As we made our way into the bright and colourful interiors of Links restaurant, we were immediately greeted by some of the most stunning views. Presenting a laid back and friendly ambience, the Royal Golf Club offers a wonderful respite in a breathtaking location. Be it the state-of-the-art golf academy, multi-purpose sports court or the unparalleled dining facilities, the club offers you the best of both worlds. Injecting new blood into Royal Golf Club’s incredibly hospitable team, Candice Hall’s appointment as the new Food and Beverage Manager (F&B) has us excited! Hailing from the vibrant South Africa, Candice has called Bahrain home for almost a decade now.

Armed with extensive experience in hospitality, Candice aims to give her guests the most exclusive dining experience possible. Effortlessly incorporating F&B into the golf scene, Candice believes in keeping things fresh by constantly innovating and creating. With the reintroduction of the Burn the Bill concept along with bigger and grander vino tastings, she aims to keep her guests constantly on their toes. Giving people an array of options to choose from, the restaurant offers an eclectic mix of diverse cuisines and unbeatable flavours.

Our first dish of Smoked Salmon and Prawns was a true testament of the club’s impeccable taste and attention to detail. The salmon and prawn were cooked to perfection and tasted amazingly light and fresh. A gorgeous amalgamation of flavour and presentation, the dish was a true treat to our senses! “What makes Bahrain’s dining scene so incredibly unique is its adherence to the latest culinary trends from around the world,” Candice says. “From the ingredients to the quality and service, dining out on the island is an unforgettable experience in itself,” she adds. As we tucked into our next dish of traditional Lamb Rogan Josh, it was evident that Links is a true contender in Bahrain’s flourishing culinary scene. A mouthwatering combination of succulent meat infused in warm spices, the dish is rich while still being light on the tummy.

The meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender and provides a delightful explosion of tastes. “With the massive number of dining options available in Bahrain, restaurants need to constantly up their game,” Candice tells us. “While it is a good thing to try and do better, it can also be quite tricky at times,” she admits. Having formed a familial bond with all of their customers, the Royal Golf Club is all about providing the guests with exactly what they want without compromising their remarkable standards of quality and service. In the spirit of giving you only  the best, our final dish of Fish and Chips totally BLEW US AWAY! Satisfyingly light and fluffy, the fish is wonderfully seasoned  and packed with subtle flavour. The irresistible combination of succulent fish coated in delicious batter and served with crispy chips is just too good to pass up. We definitely don’t mind coming back JUST for this!

Our dessert for the day was exactly what our palate needed. A South African favourite, the luscious Malva Pudding is the epitome of pure bliss. Spongy, moist and full of gooey caramalised flavour, the stunning recipe envelops you like a warm hug. It doesn’t get any better than this! Dining being a major part of the Royal Golf Club, they always like to go the extra mile to deliver taste that wil have you coming back for more. “The combination of ‘service with a smile’, good quality ingredients and a vast variety of menu items is what makes people keep coming back to the Royal Golf Club,” Candice explains. “You visit here once, you’re a customer. You come here for a second time, you’re a friend,” she smiles.

With a funky new integrated menu in the works, guests will be able to order from a single menu in all of their dining outlets. Inspired by worldly food trends, the menu will carry their signature steaks, pizzas and pastas as well as several new and exciting additions. If the food we tried is any indication on what’s to come, we can only wait with bated breath for all the crazy-good dishes that will be introduced to guests, very soon.