La Vinoteca Barcelona has had a makeover and we are officially in love with their recent renovation, alongside their unique culinary and oenological experience that they have introduced to the Kingdom.

Nestled on the outer-edge of Block 338 lies the recently refurbished La Vinoteca Barcelona, waiting to showcase its sleek new look prior to the official opening that will be held on 6th December. I must say when we were exclusively invited prior to this date I let out a genuine squeal of excitement, La Vinoteca Barcelona is part of Bayader which hosts other luxurious brands under its belt such as Alto, Cafe Amsterdam and Delilah’s. This restaurant is already acclaimed, yet, as any strong woman will tell you, constructive criticism is key to evolving. This is where renowned architect George Karam has clearly worked his magic alongside the Torres brand, to come up with their new concept ready for the festive season and we are extremely grateful. As we walked into the premises we were greeted by a contemporary setting of earthy embellishments that draw you into the atmospheric blend of mediterranean undertones.

The bar is showcases a more industrialised vibe with an option of eating at the bar, however, this only heightens the unassuming guests eating preference with no sign of pretentiousness in the air. There are royal blue wooden slats that adorn the ceiling overhead and grand wooden booths, that play homage to the barrels that wine is aged in, where you can enjoy a level of intimacy that is unparalleled in such a location.

Their menu is designed to offer authentic Mediterranean gastronomy with a heavy Spanish influence that stimulates the senses and Executive Chef Joan Gomez executes this perfectly. He orchestrates a sensory journey encompassing local ingredients, unique flavours and contemporary techniques, whilst still remaining true to their traditional origins and this is paramount throughout all of their dishes. Gomez’s passion for all things food is utterly infectious and it’s a pleasure to be in his company. We were on tenterhooks as we listened to his roadmap of culinary creations and understandably we were mindlessly salivating, eager to explore the exemplary presented food.

Celebrating their partnership with Bodegas Torres, their beverage menu features a large range of the finest Torres wines including a pocket-friendly range of “wine flights”, perfect for those who wish to sample different grapes to accompany your dishes. We had the privilege of our knowledgeable venezuelan host providing us with an informative drinking overview, which proved to be extremely interesting. The overall experience allowed our tastebuds to welcome the acceleration of flavours and provide a further appreciation of the recipes before us.

The presentation on this particular dish was one of cute, but, oh-so-kitsch design, perfect for that instagram upload.

Straight from the kitchen we were presented with  freshly baked bread that came with a trio of sauces, including my personal favourite romesco sauce, consisting of a blend of roasted pepper, garlic,roasted tomato and bread crumbs. Our journey commenced with a selection of cold starters, the Manchego and Cegina Pillows were a welcome start! These nuggets of happiness came in the form of bread pockets stuffed with manchego cheese and wrapped in smoked Spanish cured beef cecina. The presentation on this particular dish was one of cute, but, oh-so-kitsch design, perfect for that instagram upload. Trust me, you will find it hard to narrow down your snapshots on account of the impeccable presentation of each dish that leaves the kitchen, which is nothing short of impressive in this particular day-and-age.

The House Smoked Salmon was thinly sliced and came with an accompaniment of pickles, red onion and homemade red fruits caviar, whereas, the Octopus Terrine pleasantly surprised everyone at the table with its melt-in-your-mouth properties leaving a subtle taste of Spanish paprika behind. My partner isn’t usually a big fan of seafood, but, he lapped up all that was put in front of us making audible sounds of appreciation along the way. My new craving in life, without a shadow of a doubt, is the phenomenal vermicelli paella called fideuá that was infused with wild mushrooms and green asparagus.

This crowd pleasing favourite showcases the flavours of the raw and fresh hautecuisine ingredient that is truffle, flown in from Alba, Italy. A little fact that Joan Gomez shared with us is that truffle is a kind of mushroom that grows at approximately half a meter under the surface and is found by dogs specifically trained to do so – one of the main reasons that the price is so high, apart from its unique flavour of course! The resounding agreement of it’s grandeur taste was evident from the swift timeframe it took to demolish such beauty.

For all you chocoholics I admonish you to soak up the gooeyness of their multi-layered dessert laced with toffee sauce and orange jelly, the Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence will not disappoint. Regardless of the occasion or excuse you’ve manifested to be wined and dined, you owe it to yourself to indulge your palate and enjoy affordable luxury in these intimate surroundings. Muchas gracias La Vinoteca Barcelona.