KidzMondo Doha is an interactive and educational park for children between the ages of two and 14, creating its very own miniature city including variations of all kinds of jobs, public spaces and restaurants. FACT’s Marisela Paesano explores with her little ones…


THIS EDUTAINMENT PARK IS SURE to engage children into their dream occupation with over 80 activities of simulation. KidzMondo includes even the smallest of details to make sure your child has a fun, educational and interactive experience; they have their own currency, Kidlar, which you can gain when completing the simulations for jobs such as being a nurse or a cashier. Kidlar can also be spent in the leisure activities KidzMondo offers, such as rock climbing and going on a trip to the super market. During our visit to KidzMondo, the kids were involved in a variety of activities that KidzMondo has to offer. To start off our adventure, they began by exchanging their cheques at the QIIB bank, these cheques were given at the entrance when buying our tickets, and this would help them participate in any activity they wanted without worrying about not having enough money.

First up was the nurse activity in the hospital where they had a detailed look into the human body and organs, their functions and how a nurse is helpful in a hospital. After this activity they wanted to try riding the go carts at the race competition, they later found out that much like in the real world they needed both a driving license and insurance before being able to participate. I think that this is a valuable lesson for children, as it is not only realistic but teaches them to make smarter choices in the future, for the sake of their health and safety. Unlike the real world, KidzMondo makes even the serious tasks fun and interactive for children, for example when getting your driving license, you have to play an arcade game which simulated driving, including red lights, stop signs, a steering wheel, and even pedals, making this experience not only incredibly entertaining but insightful for future drivers.

After all the racing we were starting to get hungry, so we headed to the pizza restaurant located inside the park, even this was an interactive experience, and a personal favourite. In this establishment you are able to make your own pizza from scratch, preparing the dough and choosing your favourite toppings to create a delicious masterpiece which then supervisors would help put in an oven and finally hand it to you in its very own mini pizza box. After this we decided to get some desert, as luck would have it right in front of the pizzeria was the ice cream shop where children of all ages can create their very own ice cream rolls, choosing both the flavour and the toppings. In this activity, my younger daughters seemed to enjoy it the most as they love ice cream, and making it yourself  gives it a special (and delicious) touch.

To finalise our wonderful stay at KidzMondo, we decided to go to the iconic Qatar Airways airport activity, where the young ones get their very own flight attendant and pilot costumes, and learn how to fly an aircraft and work as a flight attendant on a plane.  Overall, we had a great experience at KidzMondo, it is a creative way to teach children about their future careers, the daily tasks they will do and smart choices that they will have to make when they become adults. The interactive games and fun simulation make KidzMondo an unforgettable day out that will help children by letting them decide what they want to do, how they want to spend their money and where they want to go in this kid-size city. Much like a real city, KidzMondo does not forget to keep a balanced mix of both mundane and common tasks like making a trip to the supermarket or bank while including leisure activities such as the karaoke or a fashion show. KidzMondo will teach and entertain children of all ages, because the wonderful thing about this city is that there is something for absolutely everyone, their dream job, or favourite hobby. I can only describe it as a haven for the children and plenty of fun for the big kids too (a.k.a mum and dad!).