Emmanouil Kyriakidis

Food and Beverage (F&B) Director at InterContinental Regency Bahrain

You are a well-known and certified executive chef. When and why did you move into the management side of F&B?

First of all, there are no sides in F&B but scope of work with culinary and service under the umbrella of operations. Being an executive chef, you are in a management role that focuses more in the area of culinary and food perfection. As chefs, it is our regular path to grow and remain in culinary or to step out and take a wider role in orchestrating the full F&B operation. So, the choice was made as a natural development course and the InterContinental Regency Bahrain was the hotel that entrusted me this role.

We understand you have written several cook books, please tell us a little about these. Will you be introducing new techniques and recipes at the InterCon?

Let’s put things in place, I contributed as a technical advisor in publishing several books. This was a long time ago in my country, Greece, that I was cooperating with a publishing company and I was in charge of verifying that the recipes worked. Very often you get recipes that don’t work out. There are different recipes for someone who cooks at home as opposed to professionals. The skills and experience level add to the success of the recipe’s execution. We have many plans lined up that are going to keep you coming back to InterContinental Regency. Soon we are launching ‘Rigani’ an authentic Greek food concept with original Greek products and a homemade taste just the way grandma used to cook. And there is more to come that we will share soon.

Do you cook when you are not working, or do you have other hobbies?

Yes, I do cook at home for my family, for friends and, of course, for developing and experimenting. Once a chef always a chef. As for my hobbies, with a hotelier’s stressed life, I found my way to the drums! I also enjoy spending quality time with my family.