Espresso On The Go!

Wacaco has launched a cutting-edge portable espresso maker, empowering every coffee lover to become their own barista.

The Minipresso GR2 by Wacaco is a highly innovative handpowered portable espresso maker that’s been generating quite a buzz.

Improving upon the previous version, the new Minipresso GR2 is a more compact and lightweight device that easily enables coffee enthusiasts to enjoy high-quality espresso on the move, whether camping, travelling or simply in need of a quick caffeine fix.

The device has a peculiar design that allows users to manually brew espresso using ground coffee and hot water, without the need for electricity or batteries. It includes a patented pumping system that uses pressurised portafilters to efficiently extract rich and flavourful espresso with a thick layer of crema, similar to that from traditional espresso machines.

The Minipresso GR2 also has a patented adjustable basket with the ability to brew espresso using either 8g or 12g of coffee grounds. It lets users decide between a lighter or bolder cup, made exactly as per their taste preferences.

Despite its compact dimensions, the device comes equipped with accessories like a dosing funnel and a drip tray, to ensure a clean and hassle-free brewing experience. It also has a double-wall structure that provides excellent thermal isolation and ensures a comfortable grip and cool touch when handling.

Sustainability is also taken into consideration for the Minipresso GR2’s build, since it incorporates bio-based materials in some parts and reduces usage of plastic materials. ✤