Flavours Of The Sea

Celebrated Bahraini Chef, Roaya Saleh, has announced the launch of an exciting new restaurant in the Kingdom.

The new restaurant, an appealing sea-to-table dining concept named Dawa by Roaya Saleh, is set to open its doors at Bahrain Harbour, the vibrant new downtown development with world-class amenities.

Dawa will be located in the iconic waterfront destination of Bahrain Harbour’s Harbour Heights, which has been developed by Infracorp. It will celebrate Bahraini culture and heritage, while honouring local culinary traditions, influences and ingredients to curate a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the heart of Bahrain’s historic port.

RS Management, a dynamic group that oversees Chef Patron Roaya Saleh’s expanding portfolio of culinary ventures, is heading this new restaurant under her leadership.

Dubbed as the ‘Daughter of the Gulf’ for her pioneering contributions to furthering Khaleeji cuisine on the global stage, Dawa marks the arrival of her highly anticipated new restaurant concept.

Building upon the foundations set by Villa Mamas – Roaya’s first culinary venture which has outposts in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and London – Dawa will pay homage to the visionary chef’s commitment to expanding the potential of Khaleeji cuisine within regional and international gastronomy circuits.

Chef Roaya, Founder and Chef Patron of Dawa by Roaya Saleh, said: “Dawa is a bold step forward in showcasing the richness of Bahraini cuisine and Khaleeji culture on the global stage. This concept is designed to highlight our heritage’s authenticity and hospitality, using the finest locally sourced ingredients to create dishes that narrate our culinary traditions. We aim to set a new standard in the dining world by honouring Bahrain’s history and innovatively presenting our cuisine. Dawa is very personal and dear to my heart, and I am proud to bring our culture’s unique flavours and traditions to the forefront with this venture.”

Hazem Abdulkarim, Chief Administrating Officer of Infracorp, said: “We are pleased to be the address of Bahrain’s culinary elites. Bahrain Harbour’s rich history as the original trade harbour, a melting point of Middle Eastern culture, coincides with Chef Roaya’s vision. We look forward to realising this experience and catering to the Kingdom’s growing demand for unique concepts in the food industry.” ✤