Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay employs the very best of local produce and ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind culinary journey from CUT by Wolfgang Puck and re/ Asian Cuisine’s takeaway menu. Jayne Houghton reveals why you should all be ordering pronto…

2020? Right… It’s been a pretty unforgettable year thus far, for all the wrong reasons. Our lives have changed as we know it and we are having to adapt on a daily basis to the new world in front of us. The experience of going to your favourite restaurant has become a distant memory but thankfully, due to the forward thinking of CUT by Wolfgang Puck, your favourite dishes can be delivered to the comfort of your own home.

Add to the mouth-watering menu of CUT, a few staples from sister restaurant re/ Asian Cuisine and you are going to be in for probably the best meal you’ve ever had inside your four walls.

We received our delivery in the most sophisticated manner. The driver and concierge arrived in a luxury vehicle that exuded Four Seasons’ exclusivity. Arriving in insulated packaging to retain its heat and freshness, they certainly arrived in style. The multitude of dishes themselves were presented in a decadent and fittingly luxuriant way. There was no need to decant from the vessels they supplied as they looked sufficiently impressive for any gathering at home.

Now, all of us have a favourite when it comes to courses, some of us go for a hearty main whilst others have that sweet tooth that is always yearning for dessert. What about me? Well, it’s got to be starters. I love variety and the tapas experience, so any opportunity to sample a wide array of appetisers really get my juices flowing.

Let’s just get stuck in shall we? Chili “Dan Dan” Chicken Dumplings grabbed my attention straightaway; the roasted peanut sauce gave a delicious satay effect, which combined with the delicate chicken parcels executed sheer perfection. My chopsticks then ventured towards the Pan Seared Pot Stickers filled with Wagyu Beef, a venture that my taste buds were delighted with. The Shrimp Spring Rolls with the Honey and 10-Spice dipping sauce added a seafood aspect to my selection of starters, as I crunched my way down the crisp filo casing. My undoubted favourite, however, was the Korean Style BBQ Duck Buns, a signature dish from re/ Asian Cuisine. My mind literally just went blank as I remembered the perfect balance between the shredded duck and the soft bun. A wonderfully majestic dish, my compliments to Executive Chef Brian Becher and Executive Sous Chef Luke Omarzu.

We opted for two mains, I like to keep my sharing element consistent, I’m certainly no Joey Tribbiani. I like to keep my variety of dishes consistent too,hence why we opted for the Beef Short Rib Rendang and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich was as beautiful as it looks, with the steamed sesame bun adding a whole new experience to my ‘burger’ escapades. The adobo sauce balanced the pickled vegetables perfectly to energise the palate with every salivating bite.

The chips from CUT by Wolfgang Puck are absolutely gorgeous, some things never change, they provide a noble accompaniment to the sandwich. The Beef Short Rib Rendang was served on a bed of Coconut Rice and what more can be said but ‘Wow!’; the meat is so succulent and every bite quite literally melts in the mouth. An absolute masterpiece and a sure fire staple for my next delivery or visit.

One can never dessert their sweet tooth. Did you see what I did there? So we went for the Carrot Cake and Grandma’s Chocolate Cake. I’ve garnered quite the penchant for Carrot Cake over the past year and after sampling CUT by Wolfgang Puck’s offering, I ain’t struggling to see in the dark anytime soon. Grandma’s Chocolate Cake is an heirloom signature dessert from Chef Wolfgang Puck and it was immense with its fluffiness exaggerating the notion of a culinary dream! A delectable conclusion to the most wonderful of meals. Certainly, the best I’ve ever had inside these four walls, that’s for sure! Just don’t tell the other half. ✤