Foodie Corner: Dragon’s Place, Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel
An authentic Asian dining experience in the heart of Ajman.

The Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel is a five-star resort situated on a golden stretch of sand flanked by palm trees on the picturesque Ajman Corniche. A beach resort may not necessarily be the first place you would think of when it comes to sushi, sashimi and nigiri but Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel has the advantage of being home to the only Asian restaurant in the Emirate of Ajman, Dragon’s Place.

Dragon’s Place is an authentic Asian restaurant and one that fully embraces tradition. The restaurant is a simply furnished space with wooden furniture and colourful artworks and boasts an unexpected intimacy to the dining experience. Diners have the option of seating themselves upon zabuton at one of two chabudai that also work as private dining rooms and offer an unexpected authenticity to the restaurant. Dragon’s Place also features a spacious terrace that is ideal for taking in senses views over the Arabian Gulf while gazing up at the grandeur of the Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel’s stunning facade.

When it comes to the menu, Dragon’s Place offers diners with a range of Asian cuisines that include Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Indonesian choices. From signature items such Tom Sum Soup and Pad Thai to Nasr Goreng, maki rolls and steamed dim sum, dining at Dragon’s Place offers the best of Asia under one roof and it’s easy to see why reservations are essential, especially on weekends.

We circumnavigate the best of Asia and begin our meal with a light and refreshing seaweed salad that combines generous amounts of mixed greens and seaweed with a delightful sesame dressing. The selection of steamed dim sum presents perfect parcels of chicken, prawns and vegetables in a bamboo basket with light soy sauce and chilli for dipping.

The sushi selection features an array of maki rolls and from the nine varieties offered, we thoroughly enjoyed the Alaskan sushi roll comprising of fresh salmon, avocado, fish roe and Japanese mayo which is a Dragon’s Place signature. The Ebi tempura roll with its mix of tempura prawn, fresh avocado and tempura flakes is another worthy choice. For sushi enthusiasts, there is the option to mix and match to create a half-meter sushi platter of assorted maki.

Aromatics and flavours come to the forefront with the main courses which include a tempting array of Asian favourites such as chicken kung pao, chargrilled lamb rack, and Thai basil beef. The Indonesian Nasi Goreng and Thai Phad Thai noodles come highly recommended. While we thoroughly enjoyed the main courses and the generous portion sizes offered, the interactive teppanyaki table is the undeniable highlight of a meal at Dragon’s Place.

With a charismatic chef in charge of the interactive dining experience, guests are thoroughly entertained as raw ingredients are cooked on the communal hibachi table (watch out it’s hot) and utensils are flung, caught and balanced in complex ways. It’s a captivating experience, especially for those with children and seeing the transparency with which the chef works is fascinating. The ingredients which can be prepared for teppanyaki cover everything from beef, chicken and tiger prawns, to Japanese vegetables and lobster. The teppanyaki experience also includes several set menus that involve wagyu and even surf and turf.

Dining at Dragon’s Place offers an authentic dining experience in the heart of Ajman. The restaurant with its charming terrace, friendly staff and Asian fusion menu provide a memorable five-star dining experience. For a unique twist, why not try the Japanese version of sushi infused with Middle Eastern flavours.

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