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Like Mother, Like Daughter
By Kimberley McCreight

The latest offering from this New York Times bestselling author tells of a daughter’s quest to uncover her mother’s secret life in the wake of her disappearance.

When student Cleo arrives late for dinner at her childhood home, she finds food burning in the oven and no sign of her mother, Kat. Then Cleo finds her mum’s bloody shoe under the sofa. Something terrible has happened.

Kat is a corporate lawyer and Cleo soon realises that, prior to her disappearance, her mother had been making some disturbing discoveries.


The Wedding People
By Alison Espach

It’s a beautiful day when Phoebe Stone arrives at the grand Cornwall Inn with not a bag in sight, alone. She’s immediately mistaken for a wedding guest but she’s actually the only guest at the Cornwall who isn’t there for the big event. Phoebe is there because she’s dreamed of coming for years – she hoped to shuck oysters and take sunset sails with her husband, only now she’s without him and at rock bottom.

The unexpected guest seems exactly what the bride doesn’t want but, against the odds, the women hit it off as the wedding party helps Phoebe discover she can start again.