With plans for the island’s largest botanical garden underway, proximity to nature will be a walk in the park for Bahrain residents.

The Kingdom has announced plans for a botanical garden that will be built off the highway in Hamad Town. Sprawling over 30 acres, this is said to be Bahrain’s largest botanical garden. The green expanse will not only serve as a major touristic destination and recreational hub, but will also feature three natural reserves with a wide range of plants from Africa, Asia and Europe. Designated greenhouses will also be part of the project for imported plants that require specific conditions for growing.

Visitors can expect a host of other features such as shopping outlets. Walking and running lanes will offer the perfect setting for health enthusiasts to get some physical activity, in natural surroundings. Sports courts will also be available for adrenaline junkies who’d like to level up. After you’ve spent time exploring, you can make a pitstop at one of the many restaurants and unwind in an idyllic environment. The botanical garden will be an ideal destination for families, with a designated play area for young children from one to 12 years of age. Additionally, there will be a garden suitable for the young at heart too! The project is also set to incorporate an amphitheatre, a medical clinic, prayer rooms and washrooms, thus offering local visitors and tourists a unique recreational experience with all the amenities under one roof.

Gardens and parks are a vital public space in any city. While most gardens are green spaces of play, recreation or practical use, a botanical garden goes a step further and simulates natural ecosystems. Hamad Botanical Garden will merge recreation and learning into a landscape of natural elements. ✤