Vatel International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management, the only one of its kind in the Kingdom, celebrated the graduation of its first lot of students in a grand ceremony.

Vatel is a globally renowned name in hospitality management education. In 2018, it opened its doors on the island and accepted its first set of students for its Bachelor’s degree. February 2023 witnessed the Bahrain campus proudly showcase its first crop of young hoteliers in a sparkling graduation ceremony. What makes Vatel in Bahrain unique is its attractive blend of Arab hospitality and French finesse. Whether you’re a luxurious seven-star property or a rustic holiday house in the middle of nowhere, guest relations and servicing lie at the centre of the hotel and tourism industry. The French art of hospitality is recognised throughout the world for its quality, good taste and excellence. Blend that with a warm, big-hearted Arab welcome and you have something so exclusive.

Vatel International Business School Hotel & Tourism Management was founded in 1981 in Paris. The creators of this award-winning institution recognised the changes that were taking place in the hospitality industry. With brands going global, there was a need to change the way hotels were managed and a demand for more people to join the industry. Right from its first school in Paris, the brand has focused on pairing theory with professional experience. In order to achieve this, each campus has a restaurant and/or hotel on campus where students can put what they have learned into practice. Today, Vatel boasts 55 campuses across 33 countries located in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa, with 42,000 alumni worldwide. For the last 40 years, Vatel schools have been opening doors all over the world. Further, Vatel is placed on the QS World University Rankings. Most recently, the network of Vatel schools was elected as the Best Hospitality Management School under the Worldwide Hospitality Awards.

In Bahrain, Vatel operates under the patronage of the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority, which supports the hospitality sector with infrastructure such as the new exhibition centre and beach projects. Additionally, the Bahrain Economic Development Board brings foreign investment to the Kingdom for the sector. Both these institutions need local talent and that’s where Vatel comes in. Further, they are fully committed to Bahrainisation in hospitality and creating a dynamic resource pool.

Like its other campuses, Vatel in Bahrain works closely with local hotels and events such as Bahrain International Air Show and F1. Students are provided with real-world experience, including timely internships and placements. Graduates gain at least two years of relevant work experience during their studies – international experience is part of the programme. Licensed by the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Council, Vatel in Bahrain provides a combination of seminars, site visits, workshops, projects and visiting lecturers thus offering well-rounded learning. Further, ‘Vateliens’ graduate with a French State Level II degree, which is recognised throughout Europe. It’s worth mentioning that students learn French as part of the curriculum (on the Bahrain campus) and also have the option of studying at international Vatel campuses for a year.

Most importantly, Vatel’s success is based on five pillars: faculty members focus on forging deep ties with their students, create dynamic learning conditions, convey their expertise and knowledge, introduce the concept of proper conduct in all situations and maintain good relations with professionals working in hotel and tourism management. The direct benefits of this are enjoyed by students – many from the Bahrain campus have landed top-class jobs even before they graduated.

This is a testament to over four decades of dedication to preparing younger generations around the world to build a sparkling future in international hospitality and tourism management. ✤



Vatelien Mahdi Husain

Hospitality has always been a value embedded in the Bahraini culture. The people of Bahrain are raised with the belief that taking care of guests and welcoming them is a merit of honour. Vatel goes a step further and equips them with professional hands-on training and knowledge. Before joining Vatel, I worked at a local restaurant. I’ve always had a genuine interest in taking care of people. While I didn’t have a clear vision of where I was headed, I soon realised that dedicating four years of my life to this programme was the best investment I could have ever made. It did not just help me to pursue what I love but created a range of career opportunities. During my course, I participated in the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) conference, a training programme on tour guiding, a first for Bahrain, as well as interned for three international brands. I also trained in Paris for six months in my last year. These along with several other experiences have built the foundation for my first job.

Vatelien AlDanah Almusawi

Vatel opened my eyes to how promising a career in hospitality can be. My experience in the last four years has shown me where my passion lies. My journey has led me to a position at the prestigious Jumeirah Gulf of Bahrain Resort & Spa, even before my official graduation, where I will embark on my dream career and assert myself within this increasingly growing industry. The feeling of accomplishment that I am experiencing at this young age and at a very early stage in my career is something to be grateful for and not take for granted. I owe this feat to the unique journey I undertook with Vatel and hope that the coming years continue to be as fruitful.

Vatelien Ammar Swar

Coming from a family of hospitality professionals, I felt like this was the career path I was destined to pursue. Vatel came at the perfect time and seemed like an excellent opportunity for me to explore the field academically. Like every great journey, mine had a bumpy start. I found it difficult to assert myself within the industry and get a hang of things. However, as time passed, I had the chance to reflect on my shortcomings. I used what I learned to push myself forward and become an increasingly better version of myself. The programme offered quite the challenge, which I found to be intriguing. Especially the increased responsibility I took on during my last internship, where I was in charge of operating three different departments at Vatel and reported directly to the General Director. It was an invaluable experience and I owe it all to Vatel. I can’t wait for the next challenge!

Vatelien Emad Albanna

I started my career in 2015, before joining Vatel Bahrain. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with local and international brands such as The Domain Hotel and Spa, Wyndham Grand Manama, Starbucks Reserve and The Art Hotel & Resort. I am currently at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. However, during my journey with Vatel, I discovered more about the hospitality industry, developed new skills and built further connections with hoteliers and leaders alike. Being part of Vatel Bahrain was the best thing that happened to my career as a hospitality professional. Now that I am an alumnus, I will continue capitalising on the opportunities that are presented to me to become a future leader and an ambassador of my country and industry.