Hotel Organises Fitness Challenges

The Westin City Centre Bahrain hosted innovative events on World Bicycle Day and Global Running Day to motivate guests to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.

To celebrate World Bicycle Day on June 3, the hotel set up two stationary bicycles in the lobby and challenged guests to non-stop, five-minute cycling sessions.

Cycling is a well-known method for promoting physical health and reducing stress, making it a perfect fit for the hotel’s commitment to the physical well-being of their guests and staff.

Participants who managed to complete the challenge got the chance to enter a raffle draw where they could win exciting prizes.

Then, on June 5, the hotel showcased their partnership with fitness app Strava for Global Running Day.

Participants took part in a morning run using the Strava app for free to follow a curated map around the hotel area. New Strava users discovered they could even enjoy a free 90-day trial during their stay at any Westin hotel.

By arranging these challenging activities, The Westin City Centre Bahrain proved that it goes well beyond providing just a comfortable stay and creates a wellness-oriented environment for all.

GO: Call 1717 1000 for more information.