It’s one of the most loved restaurants in the country and there’s no surprise that Ramadan means a spread of beautiful food and drinks at Köşebaşı. FACT took a seat at the City Centre Bahrain venue for an iftar experience that easily transported us to the streets of Istanbul!


Anyone who has been observing the Holy Month of Ramadan knows that when Iftar time arrives, all the cravings set in. Be it for hot oozing cheese samboosa, tender ouzi or melt-inthe- mouth kunafa, chances are that only good food will satisfy your appetite. There’s one such place that understands this simple need down to a tee. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Köşebaşı. A Turkish delight of its own, the restaurant is PACKED on the day that we decide to visit for Iftar. We’re talking every single table is taken up by families and friends, eagerly awaiting the Maghrib call to prayer. This must be a good sign, right? Correct! The tables are already adorned in dates and dried apricot as well as bottles of water – so you’ve got everything that you need to begin the soon-to-be culinary journey. We opt for the Iftar Set Menu for two and – to our pleasant surprise – the food just keeps on coming.


Begin with your choice of soup which is either the soup of the day or the Ezo Gelin – traditional Turkish red lentil soup. We can literally feel the soup swim it’s way down our throats – it’s like a warm hug from the inside. Delish! The cold starters are next up and it’s a visual feast for the senses. Imagine: dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables), the Turkish take on baba ganoush (grilled eggplant mixed roasted red capsicum, Turkish spices and sautéed with garlic olive oil), and what was by far our favourite of them all – the Kisir which is made up of soaked bulgar wheat mixed with capsicum, parsley and green onion – served with a lush pomegranate sauce. The bread is fresh, hot and fluffy – and we scoop up the kisir many times in glee. Like a child obsessed with candy – this dish had the palates at the table doing cartwheels – SO GOOD!

Hot starters are equally pleasing. The meat is every carnivore’s treat, served with a light yogurt and cucumber. Whilst the filo pastry stuffed with cheese and a number of Turkish spices is a texture trove with a crispy exterior and gooey centre – we loved it! With no exaggeration, the fattoush salad is one of the freshest we’ve had in a long time. Every ingredient is crisp and the fact that it’s tossed in lemon, olive oil and pomegranate dressing, gives a whole new meaning to salads being healthy but also VERY delicious.  Your mains are an amalgamation of Köşebaşı bestsellers – there’s tender chicken cubes, special lamb kebap and marinated chicken slices. There’s also a dish of the day which can be anything from a succulent mixed grill to a hearty rice and meat dish. All we know is that this day the meat was tasty beyond words and we felt incredibly satisfied by the time dessert rolled around.


Stealing the entire show is the two fabulous desserts  Muhallebi (traditional milk custard) and the beautifully smooth rice pudding – for two people, the portions are just right and we’re caught licking our spoons after scraping the last remnants of what is undoubtedly yummy iftar experience.  Soft drinks, Ramadan juices and Turkish tea is included – so your thirst is quenched just as nicely as your hunger is relieved.  With only two weeks to go, Iftar at Köşebaşı is perfect for families who want to do something different out of the house, for friends who want a good ambience to catch up in, and for anyone who enjoys great service and loves GOOD FOOD.