Bice is a fine-dining Italian restaurant, with beautiful views; perfect for a dinner date. FACT reviewed the swish venue…

Bice is a unique venue, overlooking the beautiful Arabian Gulf, with a great location amidst designer boutique and department stores in Moda Mall. To compliment the lavish location, the restaurant is impeccably designed with modern and subtle coloured interiors. There’s a luxurious staircase leading to the elegant and cosy restaurant/lounge, and once you’re there, it’s a world away from the Manama bustle of shoppers. Welcomed by the friendly team at Bice, including the lovely owner himself, we were extremely excited to see what culinary creations the menu had to offer. The first thing that caught our attention was the interior of the venue; huge floor to ceiling windows, large tables with super comfy seating in stylish chairs, and the neutral, earthy colours earned this place major foodie points.

Bice’s sophisticated and delicious food filled us up to the brim. Though it’s hard to select favourites from everything we tried, we’ll highlight some standouts that you MUST order on your next visit there. Feeling right at home, we got down to the food tasting!

OUR RECOMMENDATIONS First came the appetisers, which included the beautifully-presented and equally tasty Parmigiana di Melazane (a signature dish); baked eggplant with layers of mozzarella in tomato and basil sauce. This was literally melt-in-the-mouth; the flavours were alive with each component of the dish nicely complemented the other. But, the real food pleasure came in the form of what we like to call the champion of all cheese – the Burrata Campana; organic fresh Burrata cheese form Puglia with Roman  Puntarelle salad and anchovy sauce; it was creamy, soft, and absolutely mouthwatering (hardcore cheese lovers, this one’s for you!).

With big smiles on our face, we await the main courses. First up is the Branzino all’Isolana; superb in presentation, and even more so is taste. This dish is; Mediterranean sea bass with black olives, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and thyme. It was crispy on the outside and tender on inside – can we get a mmmh? Up next was the Costoletta di Vitello alla Milanese; pounded and breaded veal chop served with arugula salad and cherry tomatoes. This crispy fried veal was a one-of-a-kind main for us; it was so perfectly cooked and full of lingering flavours.

Moving onto dessert – always our favourite part of a meal and this was no exception. The Italian speciality – Tiramisu – stole our little foodie hearts. It was so rich with flavour and every mouthful was a treat for the taste buds. The apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream and raspberry sauce was, to put it simply, divine (you’ll be craving for the raspberry sauce recipe, it’s SO good!).

The owner insisted that we try the trio of sorbets, and what a good decision we made to say yes! There was mandarin, mango and lemon sorbet, a colourful and flavourful cold treat. If you want to play it safe but still want something yummy, go for the panna cotta with raspberry sauce.

Our dining experience at Bice was simply amazing. This restaurant and its staff make each moment special with their personal attention to detail and their attentive nature. We were happily full and walked out of the restaurant with big smiles and satisfied taste buds. And that, everyone, is how a really decent dining experience should be.

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