There’s nothing like a relaxing massage after a hectic month. FACT’s Pallavi Ramesh was treated to a luxury escape at The Spa, in the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay. The experience was one she won’t forget for a long time…

The Four Seasons brand is synonymous to luxury living. With that comes the cool, contemporary and light-filled The Spa, a pride of the Bahrain hotel. I was taken into a completely different world, the minute I stepped into The Spa. The bright and shiny space has subtle tones that enhance the ambience. Delicately designed, The Spa offers an airy and elegant style of décor that represents the hospitality brand very well.

The Spa treatments are inspired by traditional holistic healing therapies from Asia, India and the Middle East. Using only ethically sourced ingredients reflecting the power of nature as a source of wellness – they promote a deeper sense of connection and wellbeing. The team at The Spa graciously gave me a warm welcome and offered me a quick tour, for which I happily agreed.

I was ushered through the interconnected buildings, woven together with pathways and gardens that boasted more of the beautiful modern designs and filled with natural light, reflecting modern Moroccan and Turkish influences. The Spa is a private retreat that includes luxury lounges, state-of-the-art treatment rooms, an indoor spa pool, a children and adults pool, fitness centres, the famous saltwater experience and a variety of water sports outside.

After the tour, the Spa Manager escorts me to the locker room to slip into a plush robe. Sipping my ginger tea, I wait for my therapist. Not to exaggerate, but I was more excited for the next 120 minutes than a child opening Christmas presents during the holidays! I was ready to forget about the bustle outside and fall into the spirit of the Ratnakar Ritual – The Gate of Vitality massage.

The therapist explains the benefits of this massage, which involves the detoxification of the kidneys, with the help of a herbal pack. The pack will be applied 30 minutes into the massage, on your stomach area and wrapped with a stretch band to keep the belly still. We begin the ritual with a foot exfoliation that opens the connection and helps calm the mind, after which begins the body massage… 10 minutes in and I’ve drifted off to sleep.

Ratnakar Ritual – The Gate of Vitality (120 minutes)

A full body meridian flow massage with inner peace oil enables the release of physical tension, the activation of energy channels, the clearing of blockages while also bringing warmth and vitality to every part of the body.

The main focus of this ritual is the application of an adaptogenic herbal pack which flushes the kidneys of all their impurities. The use of warm poultices on significant acupressure points along the central channel reduces stress and fear, balances the digestive system, boosts energy levels and calms the spirit. Zone therapy to the feet, hands and four central points, closes the Gate of Vitality leaving you restored and at peace.

It was clear from the treatment chosen for me, that my therapist knew exactly what I wanted – the perfect recipe for deep relaxation. This was 120 blissful minutes that I will remember (and highly recommend) for a while. The massage will surely keep me going for the next month ahead, and help with avoiding stress. I believe one of these is required on a monthly basis – what say you? Get booking today!

GO: Visit or call 1711 5000 for reservations and more information on The Spa.