If you’re a fan of quality electronic music and cool party vibes,you might want to take note of Next Level,a new movement that’s making electro sounds more accessible for crowds in Doha.FACT talks to one of the organisers, Marijana Maki to learn more…

For anyone who doesn’t know, what is Next Level?

Next Level is a movement born from a vision to promote all forms of quality electronic music: Deep house, Tech-house, Deep techno, Techno, Minimal techno and Drum ‘n’ Bass. By organising events in clubs and private parties, promoting DJs to other venues and sharing this music online, we are actively bringing this music closer to people. Our motto is spreading the good vibes!

How is Next Level different from its competitors?

There is no known competition for what we do. So far the DJs were the only ones who promoted this type of music, playing at various venues. You had to follow each DJ to be able to listen to this music, which means going from one venue to another and for a majority of people that is not an easy task; we are already preoccupied with our daily lives for personal things, so doing a schedule for our free time would just take the fun out of it. But by making one venue, which will be known for underground music, we are providing a home for all of us electronic music fans. If there was competition, we would be known for our constant striving towards quality in sound and good flow of the music. There is no room for anything commercial. We believe in working together, not against each other.

Where did the idea for Next Level come from?

It started purely from our mutual passion for music. We’re a team of friends – DJs, producers, promoters, visual artists and sound engineers who have lived in Doha long enough to experience everything the city has to offer. We are constantly hanging out together and exchanging ideas and knowledge. It started by organising private parties and soon became a profession. We wanted to provide a place for DJs where they will be respected and a place for the guests where they can truly enjoy underground music through quality sound systems.

Where can people find out more on Next Level?

We have a Facebook Page “Next Level” which is easily recognisable by our unique “one way sign” logo, there you can find updates about the events and podcasts from our DJs. Our website www. gotonextlvl.com is currently under maintenance. Also, first Thursday of every month you can find us in completely renovated club Fabric at the Grand Regal Hotel. By subscribing to our events on the Facebook Page you will be getting updates about all our future events.

What services does Next Level offer?

Entertainment events, social events, private functions and turnkey event project management.

Where can people listen to your music?

You can find our music on the Next Level Facebook page. On the first of every month we release a podcast which is linked on the YouTube channel, Mixcloud and Soundcloud. On August 1, we released a podcast with 2Legit (YouTube: 2Legit NextLevel podcast 001). On September 1, we are releasing ChrisPen NextLevel podcast 002.

What does Next Level hope to achieve?

Bringing international DJs to Doha and sending our DJs outside of Qatar. Our aim is to contribute to the ever-growing musical scene and we’re reaching out to all of you who truly appreciate good music and good vibes. In short, the plan is to bring Doha to the next level.