She’s been a DJ for 15 years now, playing energetic sets all over the world, from Ibiza to Egypt, Bahrain and Bali, Abu Dhabi, and now Doha; DJ Laura Love still gets excited every time she’s on the decks. She plays to hundreds every week at Society Lounge in the Hilton Hotel Doha. We caught up with the talented lady for an insight into life as a DJ in Qatar’s capital…

Hi Laura! Tell us more about your involvement as a DJ at Society Lounge?

I joined Society in November when it opened. I came back to Doha from Abu Dhabi. I was approached and asked if I would like to be the new resident at this stunning venue. Currently I DJ five to six nights a week and play different genres of music. Everything from funk and soul to house and even some arabic house music. I also help management bring and book artists.

What do you enjoy most about sharing music with Doha’s party crowd?

I enjoy playing in Doha, and I do try and play music that you don’t hear on the radio.
But also at the same time it is familiar in some way. People do appreciate hearing new/different songs. It is nice to to think that if even one person goes away with a new love for house that I play, then I’m happy!

Describe the party scene in Doha…

Everyone has different tastes. Everyone likes different music. Some people like hip hop and commercial music, some people like trance and progressive house, and some like house tracks with vocals on. I just try and concentrate on my venue and making our clientele dance, rather than what everyone else is doing. Saying that, it would be nice if people were a little bit more open minded,
and didn’t expect to hear what is on the radio when they go out, as generally this is what gets requested. As DJs we look for new tracks, that we think we think will fire you up! Just because you don’t know it, doesn’t mean you wont like it. Listen, dance and enjoy!

What keeps you motivated to keep DJing?

I have been DJing nearly 15 years now. I have a connection with the and the music connects me with the people. I love making people happy by dancing. Even if it’s one dude at the back going crazy. You are connecting with him and he will go away after having a great night. Music touches us all in different ways. And there is nothing better than seeing hundreds of people dancing and losing themselves in the moment, as you’re creating it.

Describe your DJing style…

I never plan a set, and never have. I don’t even know what my first song will be. I walk into the venue, feel the energy, see the people, and take it from there. At Society, I regularly start with funk and soul- even Frank Sinatra in early hours (as sometimes I play for five hours), by the end of the set it will be more tech house, jackin house, and old classic, which I love playing. When you play something someone has not heard for years and you see their reaction, it’s priceless! So I would say my style is funky, soulful, uplifting house with a groove – that is what I love to play.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a DJ?

The most challenging thing, I’d say, is sometimes you have to be a psychologist to lots of people – it’s not an easy task. Sometimes, the energy of the venue or club can feel “off” and people may not be into it, so I will be trying to work out what works for them – it’s a bit of trial and error. I test certain tracks and see their reaction and take it from there. We all have different taste in music, so you have to try and make sure as many people as possible are happy.

What’s coming up for you, for the rest of 2016?

2016, I hope, will be more fun and shenanigans at Society! Great parties and artists are lined up for the next few months. So watch this space! I will just continue doing what I love to do. Playing music that makes me happy – and makes you happy. Happy new year Doha – make it a good one!