Meat lovers, unite!Tuesday evenings at Royal Golf Club have been designed to please all the real foodies out there who appreciate a plate of good, wholesome grub. FACT went to try the mouthwatering burgers and here’s the verdict…

If you’re still scouring the food scene in Bahrain for the perfect burger, we’ve found a place that would easily make your top five, the Royal Golf Club. Every Tuesday evening, Links and Prego are buzzing with chatter and laughter as friends, families, colleagues, couples and anyone hungry for a meat feast; gather to experience the Gourmet Burgers Night.

It’s simple; you take your pick from six mighty fine burgers, with your choice of sides, all for a cool BD5.5net (pretty great, right). With such a hassle-free, focused menu, we wanted to know, “why burgers?” – we’ve heard and experienced it all – Italian, Seafood, Indian, Tapas and many other themed nights – but never burgers, not until now.

“Every food establishment, hotel or restaurant needs some signature dishes and you need some home favourites, and one of them would be a good burger,” explains Executive Chef, Paul Gindra. “You have to have a good burger, whether you’re a small roadside food truck or a five-star hotel, you need a good burger.” We couldn’t agree more! In fact, the first burger on the Gourmet Burgers Night menu is the RGC Beef Burger, Links’ very own signature burger.

“I worked really hard on the burger, everything from the bun to the meat patties, and now we’ve got a nice brioche bun and the actual burger is sirloin Angus beef patty,” Chef Paul tells us. “It took a while to get right but since we put it on the menu, people have really enjoyed it and we sell loads and loads of burgers,” he adds. “It’s one of the most popular items on the menu, so I wanted to expand that and do different burgers for different tastes.”

The result of this expansion is five more unbelievably mouthwatering burgers. The Mexican Burger was our favourite. Packed with incredible flavours that complemented the juicy meat so well. We particularly loved the smoked paprika sour cream, which, like the majority of the ingredients, is made in-house by the culinary team. Another standout on the menu is the Brie Burger, for its innovative and unusual combination of flavours, which go, so well, together. On the Angus beef patty you have a wedge of melted Brie, beef bacon, cranberry sauce and lettuce. It’s to-die-for – who’d have thought that cranberry sauce would taste this good on a burger?

Another popular choice is the BBQ Burger. No doubt, for its bold flavours and textures, made up of mozzarella cheese, homemade BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, pickled cucumber and lettuce – this is one feisty burger! Also on the menu is the delicious Mushroom Burger,and the Pork Rib Burger. For the sides, we’d recommend either the crinkle cut chips, the wedges, or the shoestring fries – dipped in ketchup, you can’t go wrong!

What makes these burgers special is the combination of everything; thoughtful recipes, quality ingredients, generous portions and, of course, the juicy meat – it’s everything you’ll want
from a burger, and then some!

GO: Gourmet Burgers Night takes place every Tuesday in Links and Prego at Royal Golf Club, from 6pm to 10pm. Call 1775 1262 for reservations and more information.