He’s been called “the hottest artist on the classical music planet” and now audiences in the UAE will get the chance to see superstar pianist, Lang Lang, on stage at the Emirates Palace Auditorium this month. FACT caught up with the exhilarating classical music talent ahead of his performance for Abu Dhabi Festival 2016..


Hi Lang Lang what made you so passionate about playing the piano and did you expect worldwide fame?

I grew up with classical music. My parents always turned on piano music at home since I was born. So the music was like my first language and I felt inspired often. After studying the piano, the pursuit of music also gave me long-term motivation. It was my dream to be a good pianist. Becoming famous was not a direct expectation, but it followed in a way.


You have played some very important, large-scale events including the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony in Beijing and the 2014 World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro. What is it like to take part in these huge global events?

I was honored and happy to perform at these great events. It is an opportunity to communicate a global audience with classical music, and it is a way to share this inspiration and beauty with people over the world.


You try to connect Eastern and Western cultures through your music, how do you succeed in that?

Music is a global language. All people can listen to and understand certain parts of it. When you share it sincerely, it comes easier. Being genuine and warm hearted is the most important foundation.


You work as an Ambassador of Peace for the United Nations with a special emphasis on Education. Tell us more about this…

This work is important and special for me, as I would love to introduce music to young people through music education and performances. Young people are the
future of the world; and this is meaningful work that contributes to education.


What is it like to teach students to play the piano?

It is inspiring to see students love and enjoy playing classical music. I hope through music, students have a better spiritual world, no matter whether they
are going to be a professional musician.


Any rituals before going on stage?

Warm up slightly, or have a nap. Not eat too much.


You have received many prestigious awards, how do you think they shape your career?

They are meaningful to me, and encourage me to learn and work harder.


Do you play any other instruments?

I appreciate many other instruments. For myself, I only play the piano.


What pieces are you preparing for the Abu Dhabi Festival audience?

Tchaikovsky – The Seasons, Bach – Italian Concerto BWV 971, and Chopin – Four


GO: Lang Lang will perform at Emirates Palace Auditorium on April 14, starting at 8pm. Visit www.abudhabifestival.ae for tickets and more information.