FACT goes on a regal adventure only to find a hidden gem in the heart of the
city. Enter Parisa – Souq Waqif, Sharq Village and Spa, a beautiful dining
destination that everyone should experience…

You’ve probably been to Souq Waqif many, many times. And you’ve probably heard of this lavish restaurant that takes prime position in the middle of this popular, traditional location that is visited by locals and tourists every day; but, you’ll feel it, once you step inside Parisa, that outdoor market vibe fades away as a royal ambience sets in. For those who haven’t yet discovered the grandeur of Parisa Souq Waqif, let us fill you in. Parisa is an Iranian restaurant, featuring the most dazzling colourful décor that combines intricate mosaics, ornate chandeliers, thousands of tiny mirrors and colorful Persian carpet. And if that is not grand enough, all items were handpicked and brought to Doha, adding an authentic touch to the venue. This is a great first impression!

This is a place for relaxing and enjoying a wonderfully traditional meal; it’s magnificent both aesthetically and for its food. Now, that, we can agree with. Upon entering, the first thing we see – or rather, smell – is the delicious aroma of fresh bread, coming from the eye-catching traditional Tannor (bread oven) near the main dining area. We later get to try this scrumptious treat; Taftoon bread, served with a feta cheese condiment – just perfect!

Ready to tuck into a Persian feast, we take a look at the menu and its delicious array of choices. There’s hot and cold appetisers, fresh, homemade mains and hearty grills, and beautiful desserts. We kicked off our palate pleasing with some delicious starters. The choices were endless, but we opted for the popular ones, including Salad-E-Shirazi, a fresh cucumber salad with tomato, onion and lime dressing – simple yet very satisfying.

Also, their was the mouthwatering Mast- O-Khiar, made up of yogurt, walnuts, raisins and cucumber. It’s the perfect side dish to accompany a meat or chicken main. Net up was a savoury platter – Salad Bademjan – which consisted of fried eggplant, yogurt and crispy garlic and shallots. Can you say flavour? This dish was packed with it!

The main course was a grand foodie affair as a delectable grill with slowed cooked chicken and lamb kebabs made their way to our table. Meat eaters, you’re going to be wowed! The meat is beautifully marinated, tender, juicy, and goes perfectly with your choice of sauce.

Almost hitting full tank on the food 3feast, we still had a tiny bit of space left for dessert. Out came the irresistible Brulee Zaferan Ba Bastany-E Zereshk – a saffron crème brule and coffee ice cream. It was as exquisite as it sounds – great for both people with a sweet-tooth and those who like their desserts to have a balance of sweet and savoury! We’d recommend going in the evening as there’s a live kanoun player providing great entertainment for guests. Again, keeping it authentic!

GO: Visit Parisa at Souq Waqif. Call 4441 1494 for reservations and more information.