Once you’ve dined at Brasserie angelique in Jumeirah at etihad towers, you’ll have a better understanding of why there’s a big table festooned with awards greeting you as you enter the venue…

A truly world-class gastronomic experience awaits any visitor to Brasserie Angelique. It’s a restaurant that is not just superb by the region’s standards – it would stand out in any of the world’s foodie capitals. It’s the complete package. Upon entering, you’ll be instantly taken with the supremely elegant and oh-so- European décor that manages to be both highly stylish and comfortably inviting.

You will then be impressed by the extremely professional staff who are not only very well presented, but also know both the menu and the beverage list inside-out, and are well-prepared to advise you on both. It’s unfortunately common in the Gulf for a great first impression to be let down by the food, but this will not happen in Brasserie Angelique. Thankfully, the most important element of all, the cuisine, is by far and away the best.

Our first course began well with the Seared ‘Hokkaido’ Scallops, with North Sea shrimps and braised leeks in a crustacean foamed sauce. The scallops are superb, and complemented perfectly by the delicious and delicately flavoured sauce. The Salade au Chèvre Chaud, a warm goats’ cheese salad comes with a delicious topping of toasted goats cheese on a slice of baguette, and a light and tasty salad with a nice subtle Balsamic Vinaigrette that complements the flavour of the goats’ cheese, the sweetness of the pear and earthiness of the beetroot.

For the main event, the Daurade en Croûte de Sel is a salt-encrusted and baked sea breem which the waiter prepares for you at the table, cracking open the salt case and plating. Cooked perfectly, the fish melts in your mouth, flavoured exquisitely by the lemon butter sauce. It comes with a side portion of fragrant wild rice delicately flavoured with cardamom. This was followed by the Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb, with Gratin Dauphinois, Lamb Jus and Stuffed Baby Vegetables. The lamb is cooked to tender pink perfection, with herb flavours that were different; though better, than any we’d had before. The lamb jus is rich and delicious, and the gratin is creamy and decadent, with nice strong flavours of cheese.

An experience like this had to end with the desserts, and so we ordered the Crêpe Suzette, and the Fondant au Chocolate. The crepes are prepared at the table in an entertaining show complete with the flambé of the liqueur, and the final product is soaked in the tantalisingly tangy and citrusy sauce. The chocolate fondant is excellent too, but on this dish the show is completely stolen by the rhubarb ice cream. This particular flavour of ice cream is SO good that you can’t help but ask why you’ve never seen it before, because it’s now your favourite!

The experience at Brasserie Angelique defines fine dining, with a perfect setting and impeccable service magnified by a spectacular menu. The individual flavours of the premium ingredients on each plate are tangible, and yet work with the others perfectly to create dishes that will truly stand out in your memory and have you yearning to come back.

GO: Visit Brasserie Angelique at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers. Call (0)2 811 5666 for reservations and more information.