There are good steakhouses in Bahrain and then there are incredible ones. CUT by Wolfgang Puck at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is definitely one of the latter. A sophisticated and swanky steakhouse that epitomises luxury through its high-quality food, attentive service and beautiful décor. FACT’s Ally Mac went to indulge in the restaurant’s “CUT on the hour” business lunch where her appetite was blown away…

When I reach the top of the lovely spiral staircase that leads to the lavish CUT By Wolfgang Puck, I’m immediately drawn to the fabulous décor; elegant lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling whilst floorto- ceiling panoramic windows give a whole new perspective to views in Bahrain (phones out, it’s time to put this on our insta story). Today, the FACT team has the pleasure of sampling Executive Chef Brian Becher’s new CUT on the Hour business lunch menu. We’re set and ready to go, a.k.a to eat everything that comes out of the kitchen.

I’ve always believed any good restaurant will first wow you with their breads. There were two different homemade starter breads presented and it was the pretzel rolls that quietly satisfied my carb cravings – the butter was perfectly creamy too! Word of warning: don’t go too wild on the breads, SAVE SPACE. Afterall, this is an award-winning steakhouse and what you’ll really want is the meat. The business lunch menu has been designed to give you an out-of-this-world dining experience in the middle of the day, and fast. Served in an hour, you’ll get to devour three courses with a choice of starter, main and dessert. For my starter I opted for freshness to prepare my palate for the main act of the show. Out came the Heirloom Apple and Endive Salad with Shropshire cheese, spiced marcona almonds and pomegranate. Beautifully presented, you’ll get a generous-sized pretty tower of shaved apple and endive topped with crumbled, chalky Shropshire cheese, sweet dates, slightly-spiced almonds and sharp pomegranate. The vibrant and tasty combination of flavours and textures was a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds and I barely realised how quickly it was gone. A great choice for fruit and veg lovers!

Other members of the team tried the U.S.D.A Hand Cut Steak Tartare – probably the most wonderfully mighty piece of steak tartare that I’ve ever seen. The feedback saw comments like “this is SO good” and “I could eat this for lunch everyday” fly back and forth. Job well done, chef. There’s an outstanding Cauliflower Soup on the day of our visit (soups are changed every now and then) and judging by the almost dishwasher-clean bowls, this starter was also a huge hit at our table. Ok, onto the real reason why I’m (and everybody else is) here. My one true friend… steak. To be precise, the U.S.D.A Petite Filet Mignon ‘Au Poivre’ with a black peppercorn-mustard sauce. Let me begin, the perfect piece of medium rare steak arrived at the table and it was love at first bite. Not that I expected any less, but the sensation of seeing that this piece of steak could have been cut with a plastic knife, sent my food brain into overdrive. Every bite was heavenly and I only got more excited for the next mouthful. Tender as butter and slightly-charred on the outside, this steak was seasoned beautifully with a coat of pepper and a pool of sauce around, which added a rich layer of delicious flavour. Judging by the amount of “mmmhs” and the silence that followed, it’s safe to say that I wasn’t alone in my current steak affair. Happy days!

You’ll be glad to know that all (yes, there was more than one) of my side dishes were the ideal traditional pairings for steak and definitely large enough to share. Though the Yukon Gold Potato purée, a stunning creamy mash, is something I would strongly consider having all to myself next time. It was THAT GOOD. I teamed it with sautéed spinach and toasted garlic. The spinach was so fresh, I’m sure I started to get more energy with every spoonful – great for counteracting any signs of the food coma that was about to hit us all. This entire main course is a meal that you’ll dream about for days afterwards. I can guarantee that much! Stay with me. There’s more. Trouser button ready to pop, I finished my CUT on the hour journey with a plate of sweet magic; Banana Cream Pie, with Madagascar vanilla crème brûlée, caramel sauce, and a picture-ready scoop of banana sorbet. Just superb. I loved the creativity that went into this dessert. Layers, that’s what this incredible treat was all about. Feather-light pastry layered with a silken pastry cream with an intense banana flavour, which went graciously with the creamy banana sorbet on the side.

Oh, and a smear of salted caramel rendered this meal the most calorific I’ve had this year. Any regrets? ZERO! Considering this is a business lunch, there is absolutely no skimping on portions here. The menu has fantastic seafood options too, and vegetarian diners can also be catered to on request. The pace of the lunch is great with waiters appearing like magic to clear your last dish and make way for the next, effortlessly. They also knew the answer to every single one of my queries so that’s another tick in the service box. The million-dollar question: is CUT on the Hour worth leaving the office for? The answer is the easiest YES I’ve ever given. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that CUT By Wolfgang Puck, for me, is definitely deserving of its Best Restaurant in Bahrain award at the 2016 Citi FACT Awards. In fact, it’s a sharp CUT above the rest (it had to be said!). This is Ally Mac – the steakaholic – and I think it’s time you up your business lunch game, right away.

GO: CUT on the Hour business lunch is served Monday to Thursday from 12noon to 3pm. Three courses for BD19 per person. Call 1711 5000 for reservations and more information.