Sushi competition is absolutely endless in Bahrain, and we can only assume that restaurants really need to keep on their toes if they want to stay ahead in the game. FACT’s Ally Mac went to check out the popular Sushi & Sax night at Teatro Downtown, an elegant venue in Manama’s Downtown Rotana hotel to find out why sushi fans will love this casual themed night.


Teatro Downtown is the award-winning signature restaurant of Downtown Rotana hotel, offering an innovative concept of East-meets-West cuisine, with an exquisite array of authentic dishes inspired by five of the most well-known and popular cuisines – Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and South East Asian. On Tuesday evenings, the venue goes full-on Japanese with an incredibly colourful  variety of sushi, complemented by the sounds of a talented saxophonist. Upon entering Teatro, we were led to a table by the super-friendly team and took this time to have a little look around the venue – it’s stunning.

The design concept incorporates a palette of deep hues; blue, purple, red and grey, which, surprisingly create a warm feeling. The décor is offset by eye-catching art work and distinctive fixtures where lights are dimmed. The soothing live sax in the background tops off the ambience to a T. So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, the food! Tonight, Teatro’s gourmet experience was all about sushi. Our intro to the evening was, honestly, the BEST mocktail we’ve ever had in Bahrain. Where do we begin to describe it? It had two of our favourite ingredients; ginger and lemongrass. This was pure, awe-inspiring fizzy freshness. That. Is. All!

Our starter was a trio of ocean delights; a perfect mouthful of octopus and seaweed, crab shavings and tuna tataki, all full of flavour and excellent palate cleansers for the main attraction. Out came platter number one, which was beautifully presented in a large circular wooden basket-cum-tray filled with crushed ice and rows of vibrant sushi rolls. Here’s what sat atop: vegetarian maki (mango and avocado), salmon and avocado roll, crabstick and avocado roll, a tuna and salmon mix, and super fresh nigiri. If you love your sushi and raw eating in general, this platter will 100 per cent satisfy your taste buds.

The second platter which is the Best Seller platter (again, with impressive presentation) brought to the table a great mix of rolls. There was salmon and crab, fried maki with prawn and avocado (our absolute favourite), rainbow roll with tuna, salmon and avocado (definitely a close second), crabstick and avocado, and salmon and crabstick. What made these platters special is the consistency of how good each sushi roll tasted; all the fish, seafood and other ingredients were pristine. Light, fresh, tastefully creative and utterly perfect.

All the while, we chatted away with the blissful sounds of the saxophonist playing everything from Marvin Gaye to Bill Withers and other soulful tunes. The service we encountered was attentive yet unobtrusive and, of course, the mouthwatering sushi delights kept us going. The ambience was super inviting and we lingered longer than the 6pm to 10pm promotion hours of the Sushi and Sax night – you will too! We’ve already told countless friends about our experience and how awesome of a deal you get; free flow of sushi and sweet sounds of the sax for BD15++ – H.E.L.L.O! Round up your besties and head over to Teatro Downtown – go on an empty stomach because this will be one of the best sushi shows that you’ll ever encounter.

GO: Visit Teatro Downtown for Sushi & Sax night every Tuesday. Call 1311 9999 for reservations and more information