WHERE: Cultural Hall
WHEN: April 6, 8pm
TYPE: Music

Paco Rentería is México ́s most successful guitarist at present and is in fact considered by critics as one of the best in the world. To date, he has composed over 300 pieces that illustrate his inimitable musical style. Rentería performs hundreds of concerts annually in front of legions of fans around the globe, including some of the world’s most prominent venues with the likes of Carlos Santana and Luciano Pavarotti. His memorable concerts are renowned for their high levels of excitement, energy and emotion. Suitable for aged 10 and above.


EVENT: A Tale or Two for Alef
WHERE: Alumni Club
WHEN: April 6, 5pm; April 7 & 8, 10.30am, 3pm & 5pm
TYPE: Children’s Theatre (Arabic )
COUNTRY: Bahrain

The young girl Alef is on an adventure! On her way to find the mysterious land of gold she meets four friends who have had to leave their homes, and together the children discover wonderful new worlds. “A Tale or Two for Alef ” draws on the rich cultural heritage of folk tales from across the region, and the performance features puppet, music, and lots of audience interaction. This local production is created by the team that brought you ‘Chaos in the Town’ (Bahrain, Spring of Culture 2016) in an exciting collaboration with Dafa Puppet Theatre (Jordan & Czech Republic). Suitable for children aged six to 10-yearsold – all attendees must have a valid ticket.


EVENT: Classic Movie Night by Helmy Halim: Our Beautiful Days (1955)
WHERE: Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum
WHEN: April 6, 7pm
TYPE: Film
COUNTRY: Bahrain

Egyptian romance/musical film, starring Faten Hamama, Omar Sharif, Abdel Halim Hafez and Ahmed Ramzy. Huda, a poor woman, leaves an orphanage to live with three young men in a room on a building rooftop. The three of these men fall in love with her. When, one day, Huda gets sick, the three men urgently work hard to gather enough money to pay for her surgery. The film shows the love and fraternity that is created in her friends through her sickness.


EVENT: “The Village in the City” Wafaa Al Ghatam
WHERE: Al Riwaq Art Space
WHEN: Monday to Thursday , until April 20, 7pm
TYPE: Exhibition
COUNTRY: Bahrain

During the growth of cities, villages are frequently absorbed into the fabric of such conurbations. But what are the consequences of this? What is the effect on the village and what is the effect on the wider city? These questions are addressed through the case of two closely related Bahraini cities, Manama and Muharraq. This project aims to investigate how far spatial processes relating the spatial embedding pattern of the villages to the surrounding urban areas, can throw light on the different pathways of social development of the absorbed village configurations.


EVENT: Do You Trust Me? A Group Photography Exhibition
WHERE: Memory of the Place: Bin Matar House
WHEN: Saturday to Thursday until May 9, 9am to 1pm & 4pm to 7pm
TYPE: Exhibition
COUNTRY: Bahrain

A collaboration between the Shaikh Ebrahim Center and the Goethe-Institut Gulf Region, DO YOU TRUST ME? explores the concept of authenticity and reality traditionally associated with the medium of photography.


EVENT: Tom Jones
WHERE: Bahrain Bay
WHEN: April 7, 8pm
TYPE: Song

An electrifying grand finale! Bahrain Bay welcomes iconic Welsh legend Tom Jones. His irresistible show traverses musical eras and genres, cuts across class divides and appeals to all ages. Best known for hits including It’s Not Unusual, Green Green Grass of Home and Delilah, he is first and foremost an artist with true rhythm and blues soul. Suitable for eight years and above.


EVENT: Movie Night “The Pearl Diver”
WHERE: Muharraq Al-Ghouse House
WHEN: April 7, 7pm
TYPE: Film
COUNTRY: Bahrain

An outdoor screening of a one hour film that recites the story of natural pearl divers in the GCC and the Kingdom of Bahrain. The film narrates oral history from local divers and merchants alongside the many myths of the sea such as that of Gilgamesh. The film will be followed by a Q&A session based on the events of the film, and there will be some prizes. Suitable for 18 years and above.


EVENT: Islamic Archaeology in Global Perspective Conference
WHERE: Bahrain National Museum
WHEN: April 11 to 14, 10am
TYPE: Lecture
COUNTRY: Bahrain

The conference celebrates the opening of the new Al-Khamis Mosque Visitors Centre and Exhibition, as the pre-eminent Islamic archaeological site museum in the Gulf region. It also, for the first time, considers Islamic archaeology from a truly global perspective, region by region. This is achieved through lectures from the world experts on their chosen regions.


EVENT: The Pearling Path Exhibition
WHERE: Bahrain National Museum
WHEN: April 18 to August 4
TYPE: Exhibition
COUNTRY: Bahrain

Four years after the inscription of the “Pearling, Testimony ofan Island Economy” site on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the exhibition will showcase the built vision for the site through architectural models, images, studies and mock-ups of the different components of the project. From the conservation aspects to the new architectural interventions, the exhibition will give an in- depth overview of this unique project that aims to spearhead the rehabilitation of the Old City of Muharraq.


EVENT: Ehab Bseiso
WHERE: House of Poetry – Ebrahim Al Arrayed
WHEN: April 10, 8pm
TYPE: Poetry
COUNTRY: Palestine

Ehab Bseiso is a Palestinian academic and poet who specialized in Architecture as well as Media. He held several executive and academic posts before taking on the position of Minister of Culture in the Palestinian Unity Government.


EVENT: Travelling to Bahrain was Like Travelling to Another Planet
WHERE: Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum
WHEN: April 11, 7pm
TYPE: Lecture
COUNTRY: Bahrain

Dr. Abdullah Al-Madani holds a PhD in Political Science from Exeter University (UK) and Master’s in International Relations and Strategies from Boston University. He also holds a specialist diploma in Indian and Southeast Asian Affairs from Boston University. In his talk, he will highlight the Kingdom of Bahrain’s leadership and numerous precedents in various areas and fields. This lecture will be conducted in Arabic language. Suitable for 18 years and above.


EVENT: Raeda Taha “O Ali, Where Can I Find Someone Like You”
WHERE: Sheikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed Centre for Culture & Research
WHEN: April 17, 8pm
TYPE: Theatre
COUNTRY: Palestine

Palestinian actor, writer, and activist Raeda Taha stars in this innovative theatrical play which she also wrote. Over her career, she held many posts including the position of Press Secretary for the late Palestinian president Yasser Arafat.


EVENT: Dar Al Riffa Al-Oda
WHERE: Building 2608, Road 368, Block 903, East Riffa
WHEN: April 19, 7pm
TYPE: Music /Song
COUNTRY: Bahrain

The Dar Al-Riffa Al Oda project comprises the conservation and rehabilitation of the existing Dar in the old neighbourhood of East Riffa as well as an extension on a neighbouring plot, and accommodates a larger performance hall and residency spaces. The new Dar Al Riffa enhances the intangible heritage of Riffa, and the folk singing that is specific to this area of Bahrain.


EVENT: Artist Talk: Analog Photography
WHERE: Heraf Al Diyar
WHEN: April 22, 4pm
TYPE: Lecture
COUNTRY: Bahrain

In this talk, artists who work with analog photography will talk about their art and how using a traditional darkroom fits in with their process. This event will be conducted in English and is free of charge. Register your interest at Suitable for 18+ years.


EVENT: Mamoun Effendi – Future of Arabs in Light of Non-Arab Neighbours’ Encroachment on the Region
WHERE: Abdulla Alzayed for Bahraini Press Heritage
WHEN: April 24, 8pm
TYPE: Lecture
COUNTRY: Egypt A lecture by Egyptian- American Political Science Professor Mamoun Fandy.

Currently the Director of the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies’ Middle East and
Gulf Security program Effendi authored several books including “Media and Politics in the Arab World” and “Victims of Modernity: America and the Arabs after September 11.


EVENT: Explorations , Encounters and Remembered Stories
WHERE: Bahrain National Museum
WHEN: Until April 30, 8am to 8pm
TYPE: Arts Exhibition
COUNTRY: Bahrain

Over the past 200 years, the nature of the Bahraini-British relationship has evolved and the ties between the two nations were strengthened. This relationship was shaped by varied explorations,
encounters and personal stories. This exhibition draws on the first explorations of the Kingdom of Bahrain and its archaeological landscape. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the British Council in Bahrain.