The Newest Exhibtion at Al Qattara Centre explores the artworks of 23 talented Emirati and UAE-Based Artists in a showcase that is part of the TCA Abu Dhabi’s cultural programme… 

The Exhibition

Art enthusiasts and audiences are invited to explore a mixed-media exhibit featuring artworks created by 23 Emirati and UAE-based artists of different ages and backgrounds. The theme of this exhibition, mixed media arts, is a symbol of both inspiration and originality. From Picasso to Hannah Hoch, and from Pop Art to Photoshop, we are living in the age of mixed media and collage. In all walks of life, collage is used for communication, entertainment and more. rough this exhibition, and many other community engagement initiatives, TCA Abu Dhabi aims to support a community of cultural practitioners who are able to add to this long history of creativity using any and every medium available.

Collage Exhibition presents the works of different elements and techniques which are used to create a final art piece conveying varying messages and meanings. This exhibition explores the dialogues that are embedded within the artwork itself through both the cohesive and contradictive media used to create it.

Collage is a very persistent art form in the UAE both in digital and traditional mediums. Among the artists featured in the exhibition is Ali Al Abdan with his Spirits from the Past series that aims to document and archive historical gures through an accessible mean of communication that can be appreciated by all visitors. In his work, Ali has used collage as a way of transforming everyday imagery and common words into an archival document. is has resulted in the development of a document that tells a story and immortalises important gures who have shaped the cultural scenes in the Gulf region today.

Sumayya Al Suwaidi, Community Events Manager, said: “Collage exhibition continues TCA Abu Dhabi’s commitment to the nurturing and furthering of contemporary arts practice in the UAE. In the exhibition, the dialogues of the citizens of the UAE are explored, and it showcases the wealth of creative talent around us.”

Participating artist, Hussain Sharif used collage to question, study and experiment with the concept of identity, as his work is part of the process and not the end – he works and reworks the images to re ect through a seemingly never-ending process of construction and destruction.

Fatema Al Mazrouei, another contributing artist, creates her work on the accumulation of imageries and paintings, along with calligraphic writings that reflect on certain social concerns, as well as national commitment and identity. In her pieces, the medium moves from being a static and con ned practice form and into a mean to convey subject matter without being restricted by one specific technique.

On Collage

Through layering, adding and deducting elements both the usual and the unusual, the stories told and the others that are waiting to be told can differ, and there will constantly be various methods to articulate these narratives, or merely experiment the artistic practice and be an aid to functionality in compositions and achieving balance.

Earlier forms of collage date back to ancient Chinese papermaking techniques, Japanese works and Gothic cathedrals, amongst other types of regeneration.

However, its modern use is coined by the practice of Pablo Picasso as well as Georges Braque in the early 20th century. The assembling of found objects, the works of Dadaists and the Surrealists’ endeavours are also intertwined to the sheer mode of adding the unconventional to the customary. Since then, many practitioners depended on this artistic form to create and recreate visual means of communication. Collage and mixed media in general can be defined as gluing pieces together, orcreating works using different materials and techniques to build an added appearance. It could include paintings, drawings and three-dimensional objects, along with cut-outs, words and photographs.

It is a practice that combines the medium, the process and the works in one conformist yet eccentric artistic expression that is timeless as it continuously generates new meanings. Mixed media works are not an end by themselves, rather an integral element of the process that develops with the viewers’ perception of the possible connectivity between the various components and the connotations that they may raise.

Artists tend to use neglected material to highlight important matters, and the matter here becomes a different and yet additional inclusion to the work itself to support the concept. In recent years, mixed media refers to diverse forms of creative practices, from paper and canvas to films and sound collages and montages. Digital collage is also another mean to use this technique beyond the physical and into the virtual.


Ahmed Higazi Ibrahim Yousif
Aisha Ali Ahmed Al Ramsi
Amna Nasser Yousef Mohammed Al Zaabi Angelika Hamilton
Katharina Moeller
Ashba Mubarak Al Ghafly
Ashvin & B’lu
Fatima Khalifa Saif Albadwawi Fatma Abdullah Al Tamimi Georgina Chakar
Graciela Noemi Ghirardosi
James Matthews
Muna Rashed Al Mazrooei Nayma Yasir
Obeid Srour Almas
Rehab Sherif Abouelnaga
Ruzica Simonic
Saad Albusaeedi
Sadie Sulaiman
Salem bin Abdullah bin Salem bin Butti Al Kaabi
Suad Salem Al Zaabi
Ursula Nasr
Zari Kaarina Jafri