I’m a huge fan of facials. My mum encouraged me to start them at the age of 15 and I’ve never looked back. There’s nothing better than walking out of a spa with the most, fresh, plump and hydrated skin. In saying this, unfortunately there are so many facials on offer now that leave your skin feeling totally lackluster and sometimes in worse shape than when you arrived.There’s nothing more annoying than handing over money for a facial where products have been applied in a rub-onrub- off motion which you could easily do yourself at home.I guess my point is, it’s pretty hard to impress me when it comes to facials.But this is where Biologique Recherche comes in.This renowned French skincare brand and celebrity favourite is now available at Dahlia Spa, Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi and I couldn’t be happier.Biologique Recherche is the brainchild of the Allouche family who each combined their passion to develop formulations that deliver outstanding and long lasting results.The clinical approach to beauty care means only pure, concentrated and raw ingredients are used in addition to a set of meticulous protocols and procedures.This became immediately evident once I tried the facial for the first time.

A visit to Dahlia Spa is always a real treat with the stunning space spread over two floors in an idyllic waterfront setting. I’m ushered into the beautiful treatment room and the treatment begins with a foot relaxation ritual before I lay down on the ultra-comfy table. The therapists takes care of each guest with the same holistic approach to understand the needs and tailor the treatments to each skin concern. This is accomplished from the Skin Instant analysis that is done before the facial to determine skin type, hydration level, trans-epidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum levels. From here, a recommended selection of Biologique Recherche products and treatments will be given.

After the assesment my therapist made a customised treatment where the skin is thoroughly cleansed. Featuring a combination of highly concentrated natural, biological active ingredients and fragrance-free products, the initial whiff was raw and strong. As my therapist worked Biologique Recherche’s iconic Lotion P50 on my face, she noticed that my skin was turning red. (Lotion P50 works like an exfoliator to balance and fortify the epidermis layer) but I was reassured that this is a good sign because my skin cell is active and it would receive the unique benefits of Biologique Recherche’s formulated magic.

She then applied a purifying and stabilising mask to soothe and support the skin for the treatment stage followed by a customised cocktail of serums which was massaged onto the skin to address all the concerns highlighted earlier.A dreamy facial massage followed. For the finishing touch, my skin was nourished with a rich moisturising cream that has a blend of botanical, biological and marine elements.The Biologique Recherche Facial was a thorough treatment in which the pros take the time to find out your current skin condition and concerns, and apply the most suitable products for this to your face. Every step was explained in detail and the function of each product used.At the end of the session, I was pleasantly surprised to find my pores had shrunk considerably and the dark circles under my eyes had diminished significantly.My skin took on a glow and looked totally lifted, it almost felt like I had a new layer.I would highly recommend this facial to anyone as it shows instant results and leaves you feeling utterly fabulous.

GO: Biologique Recherche facials are priced from AED350 to AED1590. Call (0)2 333 2222 for resrrvations and more information