Young, alluring and uber-modern, the W Dubai Al Habtoor City sits just right with us. If, like The FACT team, you love short and sweet doses of life in the fast lane, this shimmering property was made for the perfect weekend getaway. GEORGIE BRADLEY EXPLORES…


Even if you’re not a travel junkie we’re still pretty sure that you’ll have come across one W hotel or another (but seriously, what are you doing with your life?) – not least through its energetic neon logo that just screams hotel cool. The W Dubai Al Habtoor City fulfils everything the brand stands for and more – how could it not, being in Dubai?

So, if you like the combo of hot pink and jet black, you’re in luck. The W is all about creating colour contrasts that stand out like a sore thumb and creates a real powerhouse of slick hospitality that is so fun to be a part of. The décor is stimulating in every way and amps up your energy from the outset. Everywhere you turn, there’s bold design – the hotel’s exterior is flashy (in a way that suits Dubai, to be honest) with neon lighting, outlining the 33-storey building. Even the lifts are super swanky and decadent with fabric walls – in the way that a James Bond movie set would look like. Overall, the hotel’s style is a full-on sensory experience.

Well, one thing’s for sure: you’ve never been in a more modern, high tech and aesthetically fun room before. It’s all about loud typographical messages i.e. EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW (aka the in-room guide book to room- service, Dubai information and more), SO VAIN (nail kit and shower cap), BARE ALL (shaving kit) and FRESH MOUTH (dental kit). It’s all very tonguein- cheek but don’t think they skimp on quality – the black-carpeted rooms are massive and very Jetson space-age and you feel right at home when you walk in. Most hotel rooms come with an iPod dock but for iPhone 5 – hallelujah, the W is in with the times. iPhone 6 and 7ers, rejoice, you can charge your phones on the dock!

The compartmentalised rainshower and separate bathroom add to the whole ‘many dimensions’ effect while the standalone bathtub adds an element of luxury. But what got us jumping on the bed in total child-like excitement was discovering the secret but oh-so-lavish bar room. At first we thought it was simply a door leading into an interconnecting room – it wasn’t until the bell boy asked if we had gone through, to which we were slightly bemused. When he opened the door to yet another dimension, we were blown out the water. The fully equipped bar, the sprawling flat screen and the white leather seating is again, the stuff of a James Bond scene.

Epicurean pleasures, you say? Well, they’ve got all that and more at the W. We checked out NAMU, the Japanese- Korean outlet. Now, we’ve had more Japanese food to satisfy the most ardent Japanese, so we side-stepped a bit and took advantage of the Korean offerings. But of course, we started off with a Narita Maki Roll: Tempura Prawn, BBQ Eel, Avocado, Gobo, Cucumber – it was reassuringly good and packed lots of punch. We then had a Namu Steamed Bun (all-time favourite comfort food): Wagyu Short Ribs, White Kimchi, Ssam Jang, which was both fluffy, dense and covered in finger-licking sauce. And then, brace yourselves, came the Korean Seafood Pancake Hamul Pa Jeon: Scallop, Prawn, Cuttlefish, Spring Onion, Wakame Ponzu Salad. This was next-level fantastic and unusual. It was everything from soft, smooth, thick to screaming with flavours. We cannot recommend this dish enough. When it came to the mocktails, they were also, delightfully exotic in name and ingredients. We went for the Amaririsu which means Shy and is made up of Yuzu, Passionfruit, and Tonic Water which was prickly sweet and washed down our amazing food nicely.

Located within Al Habtoor City, the Emirate’s first fully-integrated urban resort, the hotel offers insider access to Dubai, with a full calendar of W Happenings showcasing what’s new and next in fashion, music and entertainment. The whole vibe surrounding the property is buzzing. The staff too, are super cool. You can talk to them as if they were your friends, because they’re that open and approachable. The hotel’s club-like (but not offensively loud) party music adds to the fun and makes you feel like you’re part of the coolest community in town – if only for the weekend!

GO: Call +971 4 435 5544 or visit for reservations and more information.