A splendid display of culinary artistry, dining at Meisei is always a multi-sensorial experience. Deeply rooted in the Wabi-sabi Asian aesthetic centered on the appreciation and acceptance of transience, Meisei has always been our go-to for delicious fusion food in a vibrant setting. FACT’s Aanchal Duggal indulges in the restaurant’s new seasonal menu and isn’t disappointed…


Showcasing a delectable blend of cultures through food, Meisei’s new seasonal menu combines the beautiful ingredients of Asia and Peru, taking intricate yet effortless flavours to a whole new level. Featuring specially-created dishes from the land and sea, the newest offerings present you with a never-seen-before interpretation of modern Japanese fusion food. As we sat down for an intense sesh of tasty eating, we were immediately greeted by some of the most helpful staff. A very special mention goes out to Jay who was incredibly knowledgeable and attentive without being intrusive – and always had a smile! While being carefully informed about the workings of our menu for lunch, the first dish of Korean Seafood Pancake (Hameoul Pajeo) was brought out. A delightful medley of pan seared scallops, shrimps, calamari, mussels, spring onions and spicy sesame soy vinaigrette, the light and fluffy pancake is unlike anything we have ever had before. This savoury fix can replace the stodgy sweet pancake for us, any day!

Another huge standout is the Japanese Curry Chicken Tiger Prawn Noodles which comes wrapped in a huge leaf packed with wok fried chicken, curried egg rice noodles, assorted vegetables and ancho chillies. We sense aromas that are reminiscent of walking past street food stalls in Asia and the amalgamation of these ingredients is, simply, divine. So much so that we gave this dish all of our attention until the last bit of noodle was savoured. Just perfect!

Presented in the most authentic form, the new seasonal menu brings the exotic essences of Asia and Peru to Bahrain, and we can guarantee that no where else on the island is serving up food like Meisei. Our next dish of Matcha Fettuccini Shisho Leaf Pesto had our forks and cameras at the ready. Green tea noodles infused with perilla leaves and pine nuts – the dish is bursting with vibrant colour and fresh flavour. An absolute treat to our eyes and taste buds, we couldn’t get enough of this mouthwatering concoction which is actually a gorgeous choice for the health-conscious diners or anyone who is vegetarian or vegan.

Offering one of the world’s most tantalising cultural fusions, the menu exemplifies the ingredients and techniques of the South East Asian and Peruvian regions, beautifully. Taking our culinary journey up a notch, our next dish of Korean Crispy Chicken (Yangnyeom) is heaven on a plate. Crisp fried baby chicken with spicy Korean gojuchang and Japanese slaw, the chicken is done just right with pleasant hints of spiciness seeping through – a MUST TRY!  Meat eaters will not be left disappointed, as the Spicy Serrano Beef Wild Mushroom Shisho Pesto Ravioli is our dish of the day. WOW! Not only is presentation stunning, the combination of matcha green tea ravioli stuffed with pulled spicy Serrano ginger beef, and wild mushrooms is a gift from the food Gods (in this case Chef Michael Sang- Kyu Lee and his team) that we’ve all been waiting for.

Equally show-stopping is the tender and juicy Anticuchos Ribeye which consists of grilled black angus ribeye, Japanese Peruvian marinate and crispy garlic chips – we could eat it every day for the rest of our lives just for the zesty sauce  Featuring a mélange of new combinations and tastes, their seasonal menu is one of the most extensive in contemporary fusion fare on the island. We’re secretly hoping that some of these dishes will stay beyond the season! From an impressive ambience and great hospitality to some of the most delicious food in Bahrain, Meisei has everything you need for a satisfying lunch or dinner. THIS is the place to expand and excite your taste buds with a true palate awakening.