#100 Bahrain Stories is an independent project which began on social media in January 2016. The ethos of the project is to share the narratives and portraits of 100 individuals who contribute to the rich fabric of life in Bahrain. The aim is also to show that no matter who we are or what we do, we each have our own story and our humanity is shared… 

Born and raised in Australia, the author, Tanzeel Jabbar-Khadir, landed in Manama from Melbourne for the first time in 2008. Back then she was so preoccupied with work and her young family that she didn’t take time to explore the Island. She returned to Australia a few years later regretting the fact that she hadn’t. Fast forward to 2015, when she and her family found themselves relocating to Bahrain once again. Aware of how lucky she was to have this second chance, this time she promised herself that she would explore the Island as much as she could — and that is what she did, learning the stories of its residents along the way. Initially she shared the stories on social media and when 100 stories were completed, this book was born.

#100 Bahrain Stories book launch:
Where: WORDS BOOKSTORE & CAFÉ (Palm Square, Janusan)
When: Saturday 12 May 2018 @ 4pm

The book will be available to purchase from the bookstore after this event.For more information about the event contact Words Bookstore: 17690790