The city’s newest boutique luxury lifestyle hotel welcomes travellers to unwind in a space that celebrates local arts and culture.


ANDAZ CAPITAL GATE ABU DHABI recently opened its doors as the first foray of Hyatt’s luxury lifestyle brand. The brand, meaning ‘personal style’ in Hindi, has been well received by cultural hubs across the world such as London, New York and Tokyo, welcoming local art, music, and literature through an all encompassing experience that entices the senses. Inclining at 18° west, the luxury  outique hotel, also famed as the ‘leaning tower of Abu Dhabi’ is the focal point of the buzzing Capital centre. The ground floor is home to the newly opened 165 Below art gallery, in conjunction with International Artists Management (iAM). The permanent art gallery can accommodate for up to 70 works and serves as a platform for upcoming Emirati and GCC artists. Open to the public, 165 Below is set to host events throughout the year, such as meet and greet artist evenings, art mornings for the community, artist in residence programs in conjunction with schools, pop-up galleries, and ArtTalks.

Nada Al Amerie, an local artist of note, whose works are featured in the gallery, said: “165 Below Art Gallery provides local talent with a wonderful platform upon which their work can be showcased. This has the added benefit of giving a voice to new members of the art community, whilst introducing exhibition goers to the rich culture of the UAE.

“Through my works, I aim to depict key figures of the region such  as leaders, the natural fauna and other elements, in eye-catching hues that capture attention from onlookers.”  Over and above this, the property introduces visitors to key local motifs, such as the iconic Date Palm, Mashrabiya, detailed wooden patterns and Al Sadu, traditional weaving of colourful fabric, making appearances in key cards, hotel stationary, luggage tags and other decorative elements. Khatt, or Islamic calligraphy, has been skillfully decaled on the property’s windows.

“Elements of the hotel have been crafted to reflect the surrounding culture, bringing to life the Andaz vision, of arriving a tourist and leaving a local. A pinnacle part of this is the new 165 Below art gallery, open 24/7 and featuring a permanent installation of local emerging Arab artists. Guests are promised an immersive hospitality experience, and personalised service like no other – giving visitors a sense of a home away from home,” shares Stuart Deeson, General Manager of Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi and Area Vice President of Abu Dhabi for Hyatt.