Let’s take it back… do you remember your first experience of listening to music and how it made you feel?

This goes back to my childhood when my mother put headphones on my head and let me listen to Elvis Presley and Opera music, which were recorded on a cassette. A large contrast in styles, but this was the start of my musical career, as I could not stop my feet from moving.

What inspired you to take to the decks and become a DJ?

I used to dance professionally and often got distracted by DJs that were not playing within the same groove as the dancers. I believed I could do much better and from the first moment I touched the decks to try; I was sold. It directly felt like an extension of my soul and a way to share my constant growing passion for music.

DJ’ing is all about skill and practice, how many years have you dedicated to perfecting this talent – and what have been some of the most challenging aspects?

I always thought that I would be great at it from the start, because of my feeling for rhythm and my musical education, yet this bubble was burst very fast! The most challenging were the technical skills, which took me years to perfect and recording 10 hours of mixes every day in order to educate myself. I was very fortunate to have met some mentors who helped me to follow my dream and taught me the tricks of the game.



What kind of music are you personally into – what’s on your playlist at the moment?

My playlist is very extensive, yet my passion lays in groovy house music that carries vocals and tribal beats. I love to play music from unknown producers to trigger the mind of people that usually listen to radio hits.

Being a DJ can often mean late nights and irregular hours – how do you cope with the lifestyle?

I am lucky that my partner has been working in nightlife for years which makes him understand the lifestyle very well. His support makes life much easier. I also make sure that I take time for myself to recharge, as performing the way I do demands a lot of energy.

You’re a DJ in Dubai, one of the world’s most buzzing and competitive cities – tell us what people can expect from a set by DJ Kat?

Groovy beats and an unstoppable energy that matches the buzz of Dubai!

What’s your DJ’ing style – do you interact with the crowd and take a lot of requests or do you like to play it by ear and already know what you’ll spin before you start the set?

As a DJ you need to be able to adapt your music to the ambience in the room and to changing circumstances; not one crowd is the same! I believe that preparing a set in advance means that you are not able to cope with this and are therefore, in my eyes, not a real DJ.



What are the three best elements about being a DJ?

  • Bringing people together and getting constant energy from them
  • Learning something new about music during every performance (even from music I have known for years!)
  • To travel the world and share my love for music

Tell us more about your DJ’ing background – where else have you played and what has been your most memorable moment in this profession?

I have played all around the U.A.E. with a great focus on Dubai, but have also travelled to places such as Russia, The Netherlands, Dominican Republic and Ibiza to play. This varies from private parties, to corporate events, but also boat parties and clubs.

Though I’ve played at countless events, the best memory goes back to my first club performance, when I saw the full room moving to my beats. That feeling and energy is unforgettable!

Do you have any advice or tips for young, budding DJs?

  • Work hard, play hard, but do not lose focus on your ideals
  • Always stay true to your own style and personality
  • Be aware of people that want to make use of your fame

What are some of your future goals within the DJ’ing industry?

The next step for me is to let the crowd enjoy my personal productions and let them explore a whole new world of music. I feel it is my responsibility to bring people together and give them an experience to remember. ✤

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