Rudolph Karam

Director of Sales and Marketing, Royal Saray Resort managed by Accor

You’ve had a long career in sales and marketing across many illustrious brands. What first inspired you to enter this side of the hospitality business?

You may have heard this from a lot of people, but ‘people’ is the driving force behind my passion for hotels. I’ve always been captivated by diverse cultures, and my curiosity has led me to interact with people from various countries. That component of my hobby could only be found in the travel industry, specifically in hotels. When you work at a hotel, you feel as if you are working in a small world surrounded by people from across the globe. The ‘people’ component was my number one trigger, whether I was interacting with a colleague or greeting a visitor.

How will your approach differ at Royal Saray, particularly considering its recent rebranding?

I was ecstatic to receive the position at Royal Saray. The resort offers a strong foundation on the island, and contributes as a vital part in the hospitality luxury league. I’m humble, but I’m looking forward to building the foundation. Adding to that, Accor is the world’s largest hotel company, and we currently have seven properties in Bahrain, with more in the works to launch soon. This keeps the spark in your heart alive. I am excited to maintain Royal Saray Resort’s luxury status, which is handled by Accor, and to expand its legacy locally and regionally through outstanding business connections.

How long have you been in Bahrain and are you enjoying the Kingdom so far, what do you like to do here?

It’s been only two months, and I’m already in love with it. Before my arrival I was informed that Bahrain is not only a beautiful island to live, but that the Bahrainis, in particular, are well known for being the friendliest and most helpful nation. I was enthralled not only by what the location has to offer in terms of scenic beaches, culinary experiences, retail shopping diversity and a liberal attitude. Also, how they all came together and handled the Covid-19 crisis, Bahrain was lauded worldwide for its outstanding efforts in handling the pandemic. It comes to me as no surprise that, according to the most recent InterNations Expat poll, Bahrain is the most wonderful country in the Gulf for expats to live and work. Despite the Kingdom’s small size, there is still a lot to find here, and I am on the lookout for it.