Rama Khadraa
WU Restaurant and Lounge Outlet Manager

How has your previous experience brought you to WU?
I excel in multitasking, people skills and fast-paced work. While this is my first restaurant post, my past experience in retail, sales and marketing has helped me understand that I am well-suited for similar roles where I can ensure that guests have great experiences at any establishment. I learned that my personality lends itself extremely well to collaborative and guest-focused industries.

What’s the one dish you would recommend guests to try and why?
Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a keen interest in cooking. I understand the importance of flavours and food scents and the warmth they can bring to others. The taste of simple recipes can remind people of their childhood or multicultural dishes can make others think of their favourite country to visit. So, I prefer and enjoy explaining the menu for our guests so that they can choose what makes them happy.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Sports is my greatest passion. When I have some free time, I hit the swimming pool and spend an hour in the water. I also take dancing lessons. I love to read books on human psychology and real stories; I enjoy reading them, but I also believe that they help me broaden my horizons and learn a lot of things that are useful in my work. Moreover, I am a social person who enjoys spending time with my friends.