Abdullah Ahmed
Founder of Posters Bahrain

How did the poster business get started and what was the inspiration?

I was renovating my office and wanted something specific to fill a wall space. I searched up and down the island but could not find what I was looking for, so I figured there had to be another way.

The art of interiors has always interested me, I’m a strong believer that our surroundings affect us, sometimes without us even realising it, and would even go so far as to say the environment we create for ourselves is definitely an indication of our state of mind.

My office was dull and needed something to bring it to life. I knew exactly what I was looking for and, in frustration, I finally thought ‘If you can’t find it, create it!’ It was, for sure, easier said than done. I wanted a canvas of my all-time favourite The Godfather. But not just any canvas. I had to find an artist to design something customised to my specification. It had to be the right size, high-quality canvas and with the specific modifications I wanted.

This first canvas was my inspiration and the comments I received on it inspired me to turn my passion into a business. In the beginning it was a small operation, creating canvases for bedrooms and offices. But, in just a few months Posters Bahrain actually shocked me and expanded way beyond my expectations. It wasn’t even limited to Bahrain anymore, I was getting orders from all sorts of places wanting customised pieces for lounges, offices, cafés and even big corporations.

Three years later and that one canvas of The Godfather has turned into thousands, each uniquely customised with its own story to tell.

Do you work with local artists as well as international?

We have designers working for Posters Bahrain daily to meet the requirements for our clients who just need to share their ideas and we will make it happen. You can see some of the best results, and, of course, that now infamous Godfather canvas, on our Instagram page @posters_bah.

Are you an artist or involved in the artistic world?

I’m not an artist but I’m involved in the art world because, personally, I love art and passion is one of the most effective motivators when it comes to business. A business can only thrive on passion; this is why Posters Bahrain has been success. However, passion cannot be the only ingredient. I’m also about to step into the hospitality business, bringing to fruit another personal ambition. I’ll be launching a restaurant concept called ‘THE BO$$MAN’, something fresh and new to bring an interesting twist to the island’s dining scene. There will be a grand opening that no-one will want to miss, so make sure you keep an eye on our social media for our latest news.