Ashraf Abu Obead
BMW Group Marketing Manager, Euro Motors

Tell us more about your day-to-day role and what keeps it challenging and exciting…
Working at Euro Motors with the most luxurious brands in the world is a dream that has become a reality. I enjoy every moment I spend at work here, a wonderful team, a comfortable work system and highly advanced, technological and beautiful brands. My time at work starts early, I make sure to finish all the emails before I start my daily tasks. I always set daily goals that must be achieved; planning for upcoming events, following up on social networking sites, preparing for the next month and reporting on the progress of media plans. I am an ambitious man with a passion for work and determination to succeed, I came here to make a difference in a highly challenging market, the customer in Bahrain is very smart and knows what they want, and this always drives us to work hard to exceed the customer’s expectations. That is my biggest challenge.


What are some of your favourite cultural hotspots in Bahrain so far and why?
Within only two months in Bahrain, I was fortunate to visit some historical and touristic places such as Bahrain For – the place that took me way back in the history, created by various occupants from 2300 BC up to the 18th century, including Kassites, Greeks, Portuguese and Persians. It was once the capital of the Dilmun civilisation and was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. I have a list of places I would like to visit and work hard to find time for this. Bahrain is a beautiful, quiet country with a generous and hospitable people.


Share with us some of your professional goals for 2020…
We have clear missions in maintaining brand level, brand values as well as lasting customer satisfaction, to achieve that strategic goal we have developed an annual marketing plan which we follow up with, daily. We have developed a transformation strategy to digital marketing where the flexibility to control results and track them whenever it needed. Finding content that can attract a customer is one of our top priorities. I am proud of having a wonderful marketing team with me who are full of passion; without them I can do nothing.